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The best flower markets in Europe

Are you a flower fan? Or you are a photographer looking for colorful scenarios to portray in all your travel destinations? I am both! I like walking in the colors, hearing people talking, watching locals buying their daily beauty or making colorful gifts to their beloved. There is a tale behind every flowers’ purchaser, don’t you …

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5 destinazioni adatte al tuo primo viaggio da sola

Read it in English  Quando nasce il progetto di un viaggio da sole, spesso la destinazione è l’ultimo dei problemi; a meno che non si tratti di un viaggio di lavoro, la destinazione del primo solo female travel (che io preferisco chiamre solo lady travel) non è che una scelta tecnica, più basata su alcuni criteri …

Destinations English

5 destinations suitable for your first solo travel

Read it in Italian When you start thinking about a first solo travel, the destination often doesn’t really matter; unless it’s a work travel, the destination of the firts solo travel is just a matter of distance, costs, language knowledge, imaginary…. For the amazing girls who want to take courage and make their first solo …