My top 4 world seasides

Well, dear friends, it’s high time to start thinking about a nice place to enjoy summer time.

So, before Deciding how to celebrate the solstice night, I want to help you choose the best sun, sand and starry nights. Here we go with my 4 favorite seasides in the world, along with some good reasons to take into account when choosing each one of them.

Ready? GO.

French Riviera

french riviera1

Amazing coastline, I suggest you Antibes more than Nice. As I also wrote in another article, it’s a posh place even though it’s not as expensive as people generally think. Antibe is romantic, young, cozy and boasts both an amazing sea witch golden beaches and interesting places to visit such as the Picasso museum.

Saint Kilda, Melbourne


Quite close to the city (you can go there from Melbourne by bus), it is suitable for young people and families. The sea, well, it’s the ocean… But not that wild ocean like in other parts of the Victoria state.

Gozo, Malta


Suitable for extreme sun and sea experiences! You can get to the amazing coast of this small island by ferry leaving from Valletta or, better, Sliema (easier to reach and less crowded). But the best way to really enjoy Gozo is renting a car and visiting the whole small island. You’ll see huge cathedrals in the middle of nowhere, green pastures, soft wind and one of the clearest seas in Europe.

Salento, South Italy 


Wind is hardly ever an issue in Salento. Salento is a peninsula, so locals will be able to tell you which side of the coast to go depending on the wind. In case of north wind, go West. In case of Scirocco wind, go East. If you don’t want to bother locals, just download the app AdriaticoIonio and you’ll get real time updates from people who are already on the beach (you gotta know that the wind is really changable in this area). If you feel like, you can easily travel Salento to experience both the Adriatic and Ionian Sea in just one day, like I did a year ago, taking advantage of the complete absence of the wind.



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