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Those who fall in love with a person from another country, and then ‘we get married there.’ Those who ‘we met in Egypt, it was love at first sight and then we got married after 24 hours’. Those who ‘I was in Las Vegas, we were drunk, so why not?’

In short, those who marry for natural causes and in an unintentional way are not the direct recipients of this text, which instead provides 5 valid reasons to organize, with intent, a wedding away from their residence.


1 – Who loves us follow us
Are you coming to my wedding? Suuure!
Well, it’s on a beach in Costa Rica. You know, we are alternative people, we are chic …
This is the version that you could give even when the truth is the only hope of natural self selection  among 700 people invited, imposed by family tribal practices.
The flight and accomodation for spouses, parents and witnesses will cost less than the wedding dinner (especially in Mediterranean countries) for hundredthousand people.
In this way, it is likely that those who’ll come to share this important moment with you, are those who wouldn’t lose it for nothing in the world, able to accept the idea of wearing a cheaper suit-shoes-hat. In short, real friends, very close – in all senses – relatives, assassins who want to kill and so on.
remark 1. Likely that wedding gifts will be less rich (like the guests’ suit-shoes-hat).
remark 2. Your parents may be among those who won’t think to be indispensable on your ‘I do’ day.

2 -The Italian way

italian wedding
For those who decide to get married in Italy, not all regions are the same. Tuscany is not the most expensive at all. In fact there is a regional average cost of weddings, headed by Calabria (20,000 Euros) and southern regions (between the southern, Puglia is the least expensive, with an average cost of € 16,000). The cheapest place in Italy seems to be Trentino region, far from the penultimate positions of other regions of the North, with an everage of 13,000 euro.

3 – Gay Marriage
For some people, going away may be a necessity. Not in all countries, in fact, love is enough; at the moment it is a not necessary but sufficient condition in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Argentina, Mexico, some U.S. states such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and the District of Washington DC.
A great web-site about unions between persons of the same sex is statiliberi.com, with detailed info on legal issues, agencies, organization, honeymoons and even adoptions.

4 – Wedding and Honeymoon can be held in the same place.
It is not just a matter of income but also of stress. Who says that bride and groom are the only ones not to be drunk and not having sex after marriage because of tiredness / suitcases / anxiety of departure?
Moreover,  more and more people are doing the pre-wedding parties abroad, bride and groom’s friends together. Also this – in my opinion – intelligent usage can join the wedding on the run.

5-  I got it wrong!

sposa fuga2

If you have some last doubt and afterthought just before the altar (or before the appointed place) you can always put it this way:
‘Oh … so you said let’s get MARRIED elsewhere, I understood LET’S GET MERRY ELSEWHERE…  sorry, it’s my mistake, I owe you a beer. See you at dinner?

Of course, coming soon an article about the best places to get married.

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