How to look pretty during winter trips

In so many pictures that we see online in this period, winter destinations look so good! And actually they are, truly. Snow, candlelights, secret darkness, fireplaces and good, good food. Winter trips are an amazing thing to do, even solo.
But when we decide to go somewhere cold, we have to face an uncomfortable truth: beauty of frost and snow can be rough for women travellers! 
1916534_1315677894845_1066119_nGenerally we’re cold, and this leads to circulation matters, dark circles and hunched posture. Skin gets dry and pale and hair is crushed by woolen hats (which also provokes me dermatitis and redness on the forehead).
If I had to listen to my body, I should just chase summer hot destinations.

But I’d never renounce to the Christmas or wintery athmosphere and I wish I was back in Stockholm or in Helsinki right now.

In the years I’ve been collecting some trick in order to look as cute as possible also in winter and DEEP winter trips.

You’ll find very odd some of them but as far as concerns me, they all work and help me not to look too clumsy and freezing.

1 – Not too tight hat 

When you are quite big (well, very big) haired, you definitely must find a way not to crush the hair under a hat. If you have long hair you also have to find a way not to give a double shape to your regal scalp once removed that stupid hat, and find the hair crushed above and frizzy below (because they will collect all the wind and wet of the air) .
First you can try to find a hat able to hold them all. The one I have in the cover picure is very wide and can wellcome all of my messy crispy curls (If I was able to find a hat suitable for my 560 grams hair, you’ll be too, believe me).
In this way they won’t collect too much humidity and you’ll avoid cervical pain and headacke and they’ll stay good for longer.

If you prefer a cap (and if you have short hair), make sure the cap is not too tight, because it would give a flattened shape and a … plasticized head effect (like the head of Ken, Barbie’s toyboy)!

2- Jojoba oil for hair and skin

This is a good (natural and cruelty free) product you gispy should always have in your bag. Every now and then, pass it over the hair tops, hands and face.

3 – Drink water 

I know when it’s too damn cold you’d prefer a glass of glogg or vin brulé and I really suggest you to have them. But alcohol, just like food, has sugar and substances to be digested and to do it, your body needs water. For every alcoholic beverage you drink, drink a double dose of water and you won’t increase the problems of dry skin and hair and add further physical stress.

witer trips 2

4- Move and make sport 

Maybe it takes a bit of courage and good will, mainly if you have to wake up 20-30 min earlier and it’s snowy outside. But if you try to make half an hour jogging or speed walking in the morning, even just to have a coffee 2-3 km away from the hotel and then go back to have a shower, your circulation will be better for the rest of the day, decreasing the level of deadly dark cirlces around your eyes.

5 – High heels

I know, you think I’m crazy. And I am.
But I’ve noticed that wolking on 5-7cm heels, leg muscles make more effort and then, trivially, more aerobic work. This decreases the sense of cold. Obviously, no stiletto heel but a socket shaped heel can make the work.

You don’t believe me? Come on, I’m a traveller, and I’m Italian! Style is our best way to fight death and decay and up to now, even if clumsily, we’ve always won!

Any other suggestion? Credibility is not required.




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