Where to eat pierogi in Warsaw: best places to go

Are you traveling the Polish capital and you are you hungry? You can’t miss the typical food called pierogi. Here’s where to eat great pierogi in Warsaw.

Leggi in italiano

If you go to Warsaw, try local food and drink and as many local delicacies as you can!

Typical local pierogi are one of my travel comfort food!

What are Pierogi?

Pierogi are small stuffed dumplings, boiled or fried. Perfectly declinable both as a course and as a snack, pierogi have been part of typical Polish cuisine since the Middle Ages and, in similar versions and sometimes unpronounceable names, they are also widespread in many other Eastern European countries.

The most popular recipe is the one with meat filling and bacon topping but fortunately, typical vegetarian and vegan versions abound.
The meatless versions are with vegetables, especially spinach, onion and then there are those with cheese.

Here is a selection of places where I have tasted the best Pierogi in Warsaw.

Praga district

where to eat pierogi in wasrsaw

The Praga district is the typical “neighborhood across the river” that has been infamous for many years, as happened in Podgórze in Krakow, in Pest for Budapest, in Kalnciema for Riga.

But today, as with the other “places across the river”, the district of Praga, on the bank of the Vistula River opposite the commercial center, is a dynamic, airy, authentic and absolutely must-see place.

Here I came across Restauracja Jagiellońska, (33, Księdza Ignacego Kłopotowskiego), a place with a modern and linear appearance, with not too strong lights but a beautiful glass window that brings in a comfortable light and lots of warmth.

The Pierogi are made in many versions, also vegan and the place is very veg friendly in general.

Great fried Pierogi in Warsaw at Gosciniec Polske (Piwna 12/14)

dove bere vino a bordeaux_5 posti

I must admit that if I had to choose between the boiled pierogi, more or less tasting like Italian ravioli (but undressed), and the fried ones, I go for fried ones.
They are more crunchy, more like a snack. Those I have tasted at Gosciniec Polske (Piwna 12/14) are fried but not oily.
Excellent option for a snack while strolling through the historic center.

This place and my post-tasting impressions are also in the highlight stories on Instagram.

Vege Bistro Polish Vegan Food

In Mikolaia Kopernica 25, not far from the Chopin museum, they serve typical food, both with super traditional recipes and with completely vegan contaminations.

All dishes are very good and interesting also for omnivores, this is a great place to tastefully agree a mixed group made up of omnivores who want to taste good and local food, vegans, vegetarians and even people with medical food restrictions, because most of the products are not frozen and variations may be requested.

Novi Swiat trovi il miglior “Restauracja Zapiecek

Zapiecek is a name that you will often read in Warsaw, because it is a very famous chain of typical Polish food with a quite good reputation.
There are therefore many of them scattered around the city, but in my opinion the most welcoming and worth trying is located right on the most commercial street of the city, the central Novi Swiat, at number 64.

Mind the “very typical” restaurants

mangiare pierogi a varsavia

I have nothing against typical regional cuisine, that’s more than clear.

However, I always warn everyone from those places where waiters have typical costumes, that is, clothes from a not well-defined past. Beware of those places where grandmother’s old cloaks are hung on the walls, as if to say “I cook what my grandmother cooks at home”.

These are often places where, as you can see from the photo at the beginning of the paragraph, people are attached to each other because they try to fill all the spaces.
These are often, especially in capital cities, places where the service is too fast, and it is not a good thing.

It means that the products are all frozen and the staff will also rush you to pay and leave.

If you know worthy places to add to this list, make yourself below in the comments !!

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