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If you live in Europe (or if you leave from an European airport) you’re wondering if you should take advantage of the great flight fees of this period to fly to Romania (in particular Bucarest and Timisoara).

I did it last year and I was very satisfied with my trip to a very cold but romantic nevertheless and crepuscular Timisoara. Read more in the post

On the things to do and not to do in Timisoara

Here I want to dwell on what is becoming a fixed post trend of my blog, for each destination, which is the foodie side of each trip. Foodie and Veg, of course.

Here are the places where I had my best veg food option, a little rest and a little warm shelter during in my journey to a very cold Timisoara.

I’ll tell you what I had and where I got it, so if you want you can go there and be sure you’ll be satisfied.

Fried cheese with grilled vegetables

formaggio fritto con verdure grigliate a timisoara

Food experience similar to the one I recently had in Bosnia: when you can’t read in the language of the menu or find your way, try to mimic the concept of “vegetarian” and the first thing that you’ll get is this:

Local cheese, fresh or fried (often fried) and grilled vegetables.

Among the best performances of the genre, those made in the classy although cheap Casa Cu Flori, at Str. Alba Iulia No.1, not far from the city park.

Spätzle (kind of noodles)

Spaetzle in Timisoara

Spätzle are small knots of dough made with eggs, boiled, and served with many toppings or with broth, though I don’t prefer this last version.

I tried them with cheese. Good, but not the thing that I liked the most, maybe because they remind me of pasta, and I’m not a fan of pasta when I’m abroad.

Try, however, those served by Bunicii, in Str. Virgil Onitiu nr 3.

The restaurant, whose name can be translated as “at granny’s” is a typical and comfortable but not Mannerist place, the dishes are those of the Banat region, but the place stands out not only for the typical dishes.

Polenta with horseradish cream (Bulete de mamaliga, sos de hrean)

palline di polenta con crema di rafano - cibo tipico e veg a timisoara

I tried them in a typical restaurant in Victoria Plata. Certainly one of the most touristic places of my Romanian trip, but old and cozy enough not to feel like I was sitting in a postcard.

I ate great fried polenta balls and melted local cheese.

I also had horseradish sauce (sos de hrean) that was very aromatic because the horseradish was seasonal, so it was excellent both with polenta and with cheese.

But me, a horseradish lover, also ate it spread on bread… risking the evaporation of the nasal cartilage and airway.

Fried dough with cheese (Langosi cu Branza) 

street food timisoara

Let’s go with street food!

Along the square-avenue that unites the opera house to the Orthodox cathedral (in short, the extension of Victoria Square) there are several small takeaways windows that look out into the street and serve their delicacies.
As you have a look at the Fifi dog with sausage and chicken (picture above) you’ll know immediately that you can’t eat it for ethical and aesthetic reasons, so ask for a Langoshi cu Branza, kind of pancake stuffed with feta cheese.

Cornulete cu gem (little croissants with jam) 

If you’re lucky, you’ll find them as a breakfast option in your hotel. However, you can find them in every bakery, street markets and cafes.
The cornulete cu gem are cookies shaped like a croissant with jam. They can be harder or made with a smoother dough (and I preferred this second version).

dolcetti tipici rumeni a timisoara

Try them and comment them here with me!

And add anything else to the list, so that I can have it next time I go to Romania!


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