Thinking about a bike travel? 4 things you have to know

There’s no need to talk much about the thousand good reasons to make a bike travel. Over than good for mental and physical health, it allows you to enjoy a specific landscape, local parfumes, breezes and air and wind of seasons all around the places you’d travel, and this will make you enjoy a sensorial different exerience you wouldn’t try in any other way.


1 – Fears and false myths

A lot of travelers believe that a long or medium distance travel by bike is not suitable for them, because they’re not sporty people, because they are not abitual bike hikers and are afraid that such an experience could make their travel too difficult.

The truth is that biking is as natural as walking, and you must mind the way you do it in order not to hurt yourself. You must choose the right shoes to walk properly in any situation, and the right body attitude not to hurt your back. In the same way, you must choose the right bike, the one that is more suitable for your body and specific physical conditions.

2 – the right bike


The very first secret for a good bike travel, is the bike!

Not all bikes are the same! And each user is different than the others.
Me, for instance, I don’t like Mountain bikes, both because I don’t like the difficult mountain tracks and prefer the contemplation slowness of the plan lands, and because I find them uncomfortable.
Other people love them and would just use mountain bikes even in the city.

Before planning a bike trip, you MUST choose the right bike, with ‘right’ meaning the most suitable for you. And first of all you MUST KNOW YOURSELF.

You must choose a model with a more or less light frame basing on your muscle ability, and even the height of the pedals is something you must take into account.
Me,  again as an example, I have a lot of breathing resistance and if I have a light bike (because my muscles aren’t trained and I don’t like practicing sport regularly) I can ride for hours without getting tired. So, for me the ideal is a ultra-light frame city bike, with high saddle and low pedals (less tiring) and handlebar position as to keep my back straight.

3 – Right tools for the right paths


Another tip is to well articulate the stages and destinations; there are special app made for the choice of routes suitable for all types of users as Naviki Maps and 3D pro, also suitable for hiking and skiing.

4 – Bike tour operator

There are travel agencies specialized in bike travels, able to suggest you what’s more suitable for you. They can even plan luxury travels in destinations reachable by bike.
I’ve heard and read very good reviews about Southern Visions Travel
For the right way to pack a luggage for a bike travel, I suggest you to read and hear the suggestions of bloggers and you tubers, such as this interesting one:

Are you ready??

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