In the last years, flying with a private jet has slowly become a much more spread opportunity.

Not a mass one, for sure, but this is now one of those luxury experiences more people can enjoy, thanks to the increasingly shared awareness that, in some cases, it can even be less expensive than traveling business class on a commercial flight.

So, let’s go with a list of things you should know about flying with a private jet, in terms of affordability, security, written and untold etiquette.  

Do you have to be rich to fly with a private jet? 

Well, let’s be clear with that! For sure, hiring a private jet for a romantic couple trip is a great luxury gift we can make to someone or to ourselves. 

By the way, you must know that there are many reasons why people hire private jets, such as a company trip made for work, requiring a spcific schedule, a not necessarily tourist purpose group trip (for instance, a sport team travelling for a match). And finally there are the v.i.p flights that we wish we can experience at least once in a lifetime. 

No matter the reasons why we need to hire a private jet, you must know that the costs can be more eccessible than what we might imagine, mainly if shared with others. In some cases the cost can be even lower than a common national airline flight. Well, it’s nothing about RyanAir’s cheap (in all senses) flights indeed, but at present you can share a flight with less than 2000 euros. The cost varies depending on the model and dimensione of the aircraft and, for sure, on the length of the flight. 

Moreover, the amount of on-demand-based jet sharing system is incresing all over the world, making hiring a private jet a more and more “accessible luxury”. 

Is flying with a private jet safe? 

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This said, let’s go with another important aspect: security and safeness. You’ll see that a private jet hire can be very safe, but in a different (and less annoying way) than any other means of transport.  
A private jet can take off even in weather conditions generally considered unaccessible for commercial airlines. This is due to the fact that private jets can land at many more airports, such as small and private ones, and all pilots and companies have their list of the private (very safe) landing areas scattered all around the globe, so they can change flight plans in a very short time.

Many people know that there are no security controls in private jets (partly true: actually they just last less than 30 seconds) and that you can carry liquids wit hyou. But you still need to comply with international identification policies and you ID card and/or valid passport are required.  

Private jet – unwritten – etiquette

You must know that there is an unwritten etiquette to be respected when you fly with a private jet. For instance, it’s true that you can take liquids with you but it’s recommended and appreciated if you don’t carry red wine onboard.

The crew will serve your favorite drinks but notice that they will be clear colored and never as “permanently staining” as a single drop of red wine. There’s no need to explain the reason of this preference, don’t you think so?  

You can generally take pets with you but be sure to broom them before the flight and read the jet company’s pet policy. 

The pilots of private jets, often clean and take care of the aircraft’s spaces together with the crew, before and after the departure; if you give them a tip, they won’t be offended.

There is a luggage – clearly written and declared – etiquette

lavorare in viaggio - laptop e valigia

Let’s go with something that is not untold, but clearly written and accepted. Most private jets have the same luggage limits than the commmon commercial airlines, in terms of size and weight. 

First of all, because the luggage compartment door has a specific size. Seconldy, also private jets fly with fuel and the amount of fuel required for the trip is affected by weight, ie. the amount of luggages and people onboard.

The number of luggages you can carry with you depends on the number of people on board.
If your jet fits (like the most of them actually does) seven-eight roll-aboard suitcases, you can take on just one per person if the aircraft is full.

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  1. recently saw a couple of videos about really cool private jets — though those were super-expensive. so it is nice to know that we can work to look at options we can afford too

  2. I have never flown on a private jet. I wasn’t familiar with how the process works, but it would be a neat way to travel. It’s good to be prepared if you have the opportunity to be able to travel on a private jet.

  3. Private jet? Who knew? I thought that was an option for the mega rich and famous. It sounds affordable enough to try for a special treat and special occasion. Cheers to those that can comfortably afford to do this. The best part is that you won’t be stuck in the middle seat.

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