The best design places for your happy hour in London

Mamma mia, here we go again, I cannot resist… London!

Periodically, the coolest city in Europe, where a part of my heart wanders since my very first European solo trip, comes back to my mind and I miss everything about her

Today, I mainly miss those places I had a happy hour before going to the theatre or after a day spent in old historical libraries.

So, let’s g back there together! Let me show you the best restaurants and pubs where I had the chance to enjoy a good meal with a varied choice of food and drinks and where I could feel comfortable and sometimes shocked by the peculiar design. 

The Den

Let’s start with the very British style hall in St Martin’s Lane Hotel, The Den. Leather sofas, carpets and lighting will take you back to the 70ies, also together with the very iconic oak-panels that will embrace your afternoon tea with a great selection of cakes and focaccia. I was lucky enough to enjoy this place in summer, when the The Den terrace is the best place to be! They’ll let you try a selection of G&T inspired by the artworks that you’ll find inside. 

Mint Leaf 

mint leaf_best places happy hour london

If you are into London theatres, maybe you’ve bumped into Mint Leaf many times, since it’s located opposite Her Majesty’s Theatre. 

From the utside it’s quite hard to have an idea of what the place is like insiede. A  low-lit bar and restaurant, with wooden runaways, a wide and impressive selection of drinks to mix up for the very best cocktails and an alternation of dramatic dark wood hues and colorful small sofas. 

The Indian cuisine and all the best possible contaminations make the difference; this place boasts top chefs together with an accurate selection of wines from all over the world. 

The Culpeper

I love the Culpeper! A way in between a Budapest ruin pub and an elegant bistrot, dressed up with wooden chairs and old style sofas and desks with typewriters.

Modern lamps  give a symmetrical sense of order and cleanness in a space populated by classic and classy objects with a vintage soul.

Good selection of food, good service and… they definitely know how to prepare a Gin Tonic. 
You can also book a room here, and they have the same style as the pub.

St Luke’s Kitchen at Library

dublin festivals - literature festival

Do you know who is St Luke? He is the patron of artists and butchers. 
Art and books will show their spirit and presence here, in this kitchen and library that look like a cozy private home. 
You’ll find this place (if you carefully look for it) in the middle of Covent Garden. 


I was attracted by this place overlooking Trafalgar Square thinking it was named after my beloved Emily, but actually this Bronte was Lord Nelson aka the Duke of Bronte, once living here. 

Well, this place was a nice design surprise, because of the bright colors, strong light and airy spaces. Also the terrace is great, even if I wasn’t lucky enough to experience it. 

What I appreciated about the menu, is the fusion of very pop-brit food (fish and chips, burgers, eggs) with fusion ornaments and sides, such as chili miso relish, edamame, special kinds of rice.  

Lupita central 

Authentic mexican dishes and wide selection of Tequila, mezcal and Mexican beers in a modern and warm design. 

Here you can (you definitely must) enjoy tacos and I have to say you’ll particularly enjoy it if you are not veg, since the top food is sea-fresh baja (white fish) or hunky pastor (spit-roast pork and bacon with pineapple). 

Do you have any other hot spot to list with me, for happy hours fan, in London? Write in comments 😉

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20 pensieri riguardo “The best design places for your happy hour in London

  • Febbraio 24, 2019 in 8:45 am

    London is definitely my favourite city and i love everything about it!! All these places are fab, i particularly love The Den!

  • Febbraio 23, 2019 in 1:22 pm

    Hello Sir,
    Thank you so much for sharing this blog with us. It provides a collection of useful information. You obviously put a lot of effort into it.

  • Febbraio 22, 2019 in 9:21 am

    One more place is added in my visiting list. Pictures explain everything about this place. This is such a happy hour place.

  • Febbraio 20, 2019 in 9:28 pm

    I wish I lived in London. There is a lot to see and do. Looks like a lot of places to chill and take a break. Mint Leaf looks like a place I would enjoy!

  • Febbraio 20, 2019 in 12:31 pm

    I have never traveled to London but we are counting our retirement days down and have a list of places to visit. This is definitely on the list and I will add these places to stop by while we are there!

  • Febbraio 20, 2019 in 10:36 am

    its been so long since I travel to London, definitely a must go back place, and I love your bar list and photos, have to check them out now

  • Febbraio 20, 2019 in 10:34 am

    The Den seems like my place, it seems warm and comfy! Love that warm red/orange light!

  • Febbraio 20, 2019 in 10:28 am

    Why is it everyone seems to find cool places in London but when I go I end up at Frankie and Bennies or Garfunkels! Definitely saving this list!

  • Febbraio 20, 2019 in 6:29 am

    These all looks so cool. Especially the mint leaf. Would really love to dine in this kind of interiors.

  • Febbraio 20, 2019 in 1:52 am

    Some very cool places here. London is full of so many great little finds, it’s always worth exploring.

  • Febbraio 19, 2019 in 10:36 pm

    I had no idea there were happy hours in London! But I am writing down the names of the places, so we can visit all of them! Thank you so much for such a great post!

  • Febbraio 19, 2019 in 2:55 pm

    Lupita Central sounds amazing. I always enjoy an authentic taco outside of Mexico, and a mezcal cocktail even better. Saving this list for our London trip. Thanks

  • Febbraio 19, 2019 in 1:03 pm

    I live very close to London and we often go for an afternoon or evening, never tried these places though so will have to check them out


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