The best rooftop bars I have seen

I think rooftop bars/restaurants are a great idea, don’t you agree? Looking at the cities from above, mainly at sunset or at night, gives me a sense of relax, peace, serendipity.
It makes me feel far away from the city busy lives and makes me understand that in the end, there’s no need to run and be always in a hurry because… for birds we are just small points walking under a low constellation of city lights.

But the unfortunate birds can’t drink wine or Martini, and that’s why I rather go on a rooftop than asking for an eagle’s wings. Sorry, I’m an edonist.

Let’s make a deal; now I’ll tell you about the best rooftop bars and restaurants I have been to, and you’ll tell me in comments or via Instagram (@in_my_suitcase) or both, which are the best that you have experienced!

Ready? Go!

Marriott lounge bar, Warsaw

Warsaw by night from above (view from Marriott terrace)

The Marriot rooftop bar landscape in Warsaw is an alternative to the locally best know, Culture Palace rooftop, where you can enjoy a great view of the city.

But as I wrote in this post about the “East Europe nights surprises” , if you are on the top of the culture palace, you can’t see the culture palace, and believe me, it worths.
So you can choose the Marriott rooftop lounge bar to admire the city beauty. And there’s much beauty to see.

The only negative side is that the place is quite expensive and it’s the only place I’ve been to, in Warsaw, where prices are like in the main European cities or even higher, since I had a pretty bad white wine glass for 8 euros (definitely toooo much). Otherwhere, Warsaw is very cheap.

Hyatt Rooftop Bar in Times Square, NYC

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Well, I’ve just discovered that the rooftop bar where I was lucky enough to have several gin tonics in Manhattan is the highest rooftop bar in NYC.  I’m talking about the Hyatt Rooftop Bar, in Time Square.
All the everlasting noises of Manhattan seem so far, over there.

Well, my relationship with Manhattan is not easy at all, as you might have read in this post, and when I feel like a bit of silence and a slower pace of life, I prefer to go to Soho and Central Park.

But this rooftop is interresting for the great view allowing you to enjoy the Empire (another place where the city view is great, unless you want to see the building allowing you to have such  great view).

Terrazza Martini, Milan


I was there for the first and last time a couple of months before I left the city. Such a shame I hadn’t been invited to a press presentation (I don’t even remember what was actually presented) some year before. Maybe I would have discovered my love for Martini much earlier. And also my love for the center of Milan seen from above.

I was told that also the rooftop of the Rinascente is fine, but

  • I hate the Rinascente and the branded perfumes that stick on my dresses and hair as soon as I put my left foot inside
  • It’s too close to the Duomo and you can’t fully appreciate it
  • The Terrazza Martini is higher.

Le quattro spezie, Lecce

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Let’s come to my homeland: The Risorgimento Resort, in the heart of Lecce, South Italy, hosts a beautiful terrace, overlooking the landscape of old local baroque. That’s a quite different view than the previously mentioned ones.
No big city, just a cozy Southern village much appreciated for its old and elegant style.

If you want to learn more about the best rooftop bars in Puglia, my South Italy region, read this very informative post.

Any other rooftop to suggest me? Postyour rooftop bar pic on Instagram and tag me –@in_my_suitcase -. I’m looking forward to writing a post with other travellers pics!



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