Night Life in East Europe: something maybe you don’t know

As I recently wrote, my night life was strongly reduced in the last years. When I travel I definitely prefer walking a lot and exploring hard (and relaxing, why not) during the day, since early morning, and that’s why at night I tend to be quite tired.

By the way, during my recent trips to East Eurpe I had the opportunity to enjoy some very nice night city landscapes and night city life and I’ll tell you now something about my way to live it.

Over than discos, night life can have a lot of nice surprises for travellers, revealing secrets that maybe you don’t know and that you can hardly imagine in the daylight.

Let’s get deeper into this!


Amazing #budapest by night! ❤️❤️

Una foto pubblicata da sabrina (@in_my_suitcase) in data:

This city was so regal! It looked like a sleaping crazy princess! Maybe you don’t know that there are periods of the year when Budapest can be very lively! For instance, in mid August there is the Sziget festival, the biggest music event in Europe, created and organized for the first time by a 22 years old student.

Young people have much room to express, work and show their best in Hungary and in Budapest particularly and that’s why the main events of night life are mainly based on the needs and preferences of university students and the most of times the whole organzation of the biggest events are in their hands.


What I noticed during my trip to a very cold and snowy Timisoara, last January, is that there is plenty of events related to live music and theatre. When you visit East Europe in general, mind the theater! They really care about it, there’s plenty of shows of both classic and traditional theater and experimental one, that can be more easily understood by foreigners (dance-theater, song-theater etc.).

When you arrive in your hotel/hostel or when you go and have a beer in any pub, look around and search for flyers and small culture reviews (often also in English) and see how many events are there, in some small and hidden pub or community theater in the surruondings.
The theater has a huge economic impact in Timisoara (30% people work in this field)!


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Sofia was a surprise! (you can see here a video of 30 secs about the best to see in Sofia) I can tell you that even just walking in the city with the darkness is such an inspiring experience! The area of the Orthodox church, the Mosque, the Synagogue and the Cathedral has a very special atmosphere mainly at night and at dawn.

Not far from here, the ‘Studentski Grad’ (Students’ Town), offers the most common facilities for nightlife. Try local wines, among the best I’ve ever tasted. 

This large avenue will remind you of some other most famous european pub and bar streets, like the Ramblas in Barcelona, Corso di Porta Romana in Milan and the streets of Palma de Maillorca. But you can see the difference if you look above and in front of you, and not just to the pubs and the street: from here you can still see the black skyline portraying the shapes of the multicultural local architecture and the mixture of cultured, spicing the city, will be your constant walk companion.


Such an amazing European capital, Warsaw! I spent some hour at the top floor of the Marriott hotel, but not because I’m poshy (I’m not, you know). The reason to drink a quite poor white wine for a high price was to see the local night landscape from above including in my view also the Culture Palace, where generally people go to admire the city (so excluding this amazing building from the view).

The old city, 3 min from here by tube, is full of pubs and restaurants, busy with tourists and locals.
If you can choose, go in Warsaw in August and July to enjoy the open air chamber music concerts and the multi media fountains show! This is something you’ll never see anywhere else in the world.


Night view from the Vltava bank

Night view from the Vltava bank

I had one of my craziest travel nights here. Almost by chance, I joined a party on a boat. The party cruised along the Moldava river for 3 hours, during which I

  • contemplated alone the beauty of the river and the city by night,
  • spoke with some guys about Italy after the first vodka,
  • Spoke with an american girl about G.W. Bush foreigner policy, after the second vodka.

Don’t ask me what I did nor spoke about after that. I just suggets you to do this kind of experience! It’s a good way to make new friends or at least to talk about American presidents’ policies. And in a little while I’m afraid there will be much to talk about.



  • Birthe (from Wandering the World)

    What a unique view on these East-European cities! We’ll definitely look into going to the theater when we’ll be visiting Timisoara next week. Thanks!

    • Sabrina - In My Suitcase

      Next week it’s gonna be great, since early fall in East Europe is so colorful and romantic! Timisoara has very big parks that turn red and ginger in this period! Hope to see pics soon!

  • Zaria Papa

    Hi Sabrina,

    My cousin and her husband are newlyweds and they consider visiting East Europe the next 6 months. I am so glad you wrote this post about night life since they are night owls. They will definitely appreciate your suggestions. Great post!


  • Kate

    I love seeing cities by night. Budapest and Prague are two of my absolute favourites especially when the crowds are gone. I did an evening cruise in Budapest and views from the river were spectacular. I completely agree that you can find something totally different at night and not just discos!

  • Travelwith2ofus

    Some interesting things to do in the night beside hitting the clubs. There are always so much more activities to do, but for some reason they are not highlighted. Good to see you made this list.

  • Elizabeth @ Compass & Fork

    We really like Sofia. The people are very friendly and proud of their city. And there is a lot to do there. I haven’t been to some of your other ones, but hopefully will make it one day.

  • Drew

    I found Budapest to be an especially great city for nighttime. Not only are the lights incredible (the city is known for them) but there are a whole series of ruin bars that are massive and really interesting places to spend some time at night. We really enjoy them!

  • Darlene

    Cool, looks like you had a grand time! There’s different kinds of night life and you definitely tried a few of those in East Europe. I would definitely like to experience night life in Prague and Budapest! 🙂

  • Kim-Ling

    We tend to sightsee hard during the day and chill out at night too. Love your photos. Eastern Europe is still somewhere we haven’t explored yet, and your photos have re-ignited our desire to go there!

  • Amelie

    Ah! These are all on my list of places to visit. The boat trip in Prague seemed especially nice. I’m currently based in Germany, so there is really no excuse not to go there. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  • LeAnna

    We aren’t big partiers, so I agree, when we travel, we are often walking a ton during the day and are too tired to hit the clubs and discos at night. My idea of a great evening is a glass of wine overlooking a stunning view (which means I might need to check out Sofia!!)

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