Leaving with a luggage smaller than my computer bag, and being able to find the place for a black hole. Is it possibile? I say, yes we can! 

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Let’s start saying that if you book a Wizz Air flight for a week-end out and you don’t require the ‘big hand luggage’ option (56x45x25), there might be several reasons:

1- you are relatively running out of money but you want/need to leave the same (this is also one of the reasons why travelers go on Wizz Air’ks webiste);

2- even if your are leaving in Autumn and you are going to the North Pole, you book it all in summer (South Italy Summer) and you forget that one day, somewhere, it could be cold;

3- you’re leaving alone or with someone not used to fuck you off.

I’m leaving with all this variabile and now I must make-up some suggestion to survive the close days in a place where it’s 4 degrees of minimum and eleven degrees of maximum (Celsius) compared to my present Italian 17-25.

Let’s go with the luggage: 

The capsule wardrobe is still the best I can do, but in this case the challenge can be won also counting on what I’ll wear during the trip.
– padded Sneakers. Comfortable for walking and warm.
Jeans, cardigan & t-shirt. And Coat, that is almost useless here down South untill Xmas.


sacca viaggioNow, let’s see how can I fill Jamila, the sack for the epic ventures that is visiting East Eurpe with me.

1 – New jeans. No patches, no torns.

2 – 3 cardigans (one on during the trip, I think the violet one, the simplest).

3 – And then, yes, colors. Girly colors. I’m fond of pink as I am of yellow and green.

Here are some interesting results.


Minimal make up. 

1 – I have a smart trick not to carry with me
– day cream (very dry skin),
-body cream,
– no-frizz product for curly
and deal with the above mentioned issue just with one product: jojoba oil. Discovery made thanks to my mother that is becoming increasingly hippie and indie, this oil is extracted by nuts cold pressing without solvents and is cruelty free and environmentally friendly

2 – Another way to combine many things in one: a palette of eyeshadows ranging from white to the darkest shades of brown. Excellent both for evening smoky eyes as for the nude look, it can also be used for light shades of blush on the cheekbones for different skin types. Now, the purist of makeup will launch a holy war against me or call me loser, but I am also certain that many Gypsy and extreme travel warriors will be thinking that I am a fucking genius.
The truth is such a smoky and evanescent idea…




After all this, I still have place left for a book, my toothbrush and Cora, my domestic black hole that asked to join me in this trip. Isn’t she lovely?

Cora, il mio buco nero domestico.
Cora, my personal black hole.

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