Good and rewarding work experiences in the USA.

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Internships at the Guggenheim or Daily Press, scholarships in the non-profit, human rights and environment protection fields to spend a period of life and training in the USA. Opportunities, how to apply, what you need.

Despite everything (I don’t want to bore you by delving into that “everything”), the USA are still a place where it’s possible to grow up, learn, analyze, find out new things and discover oneself.

Happy for the end of the America Dream and enthusiastic at the idea that you have to wake up in order to fulfil your dreams, I hereby provide you with an array of job and training opportunities to spend some time in the United States of America.

I will list a set of recently published opportunities, call for grants and announcements for you to find a job during the American period, but be sure I won’t suggest working in pubs or at the reception of a hotel, because I know well that you can manage that without my enlightening contribution.

On the contrary, I will list a series of interesting opportunities for young and differently young people to spend from one to three months in the USA. This way, I’ll give you the time to prepare yourself and decide whether your life journey in the USA will go on or you’ll move somewhere else after these work experiences.

First, let me tell you…

What you need to go to the United States now and apply for the most interesting job opportunities

We are aware that, for some years now, entering the United States hasn’t been that easy, not exactly like standing at the counter of a bar while sipping a drink and having some appetizers. We know that there are some small/big restrictions and red tape requirements to comply with, yet nothing hard or impossible to do.

For instance, since 2009 all travellers leaving to the US under the visa waiver program are required to hold a valid ESTA travel authorization (short for Electronic System for Travel Authorization). ESTA is an online application system developed by the United States government to pre-screen travellers before they are allowed to enter the United States. Only citizens of Visa Waiver Countries are allowed to apply for ESTA, and Italy is among these countries. The application system to obtain authorization is very simple and entirely online.

To apply for ESTA, visit this site. The procedure is very easy and you’ll be guided through the various steps on the portal.

Secondly, before moving to the available job offers, let me remind you that it is important to have at least an average level of English.

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Let’s now get to the job offers that are waiting for you in the artistic, publishing, human rights and environment protection fields.

good and rewarding working opportunities in the USA

good and rewarding working opportunities in the USA
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Three months internship at the Guggenheim in New York


The Guggenheim is one of the most beautiful museums I have ever seen. It has actually been designed according to excellent standards of universal design, skilfully provided with first-rate fittings an, on top of it, it is located in Manhattan.

To sum up, more than a dream it’s a wonderful reality!

Art students, young graduates, PhD students and art professionals can apply for a paid internship here.

If you’d like to start an internship next fall, you’ll have to apply by June 1, 2018.

Find out more about how to apply and the compensation (up to one thousand dollars for 10 weeks, so nothing special), by clicking on the call for applications link at

Journalism and publishing in Virginia 

The US are much (and I say much much much) more than NYC, as you might see by this road itinerary in 55 amazing small US towns.

If you’d like to have an intense and interesting experience in the press and publishing sector, another job opportunity is offered by the Daily Press at one of its offices in Virginia.

The pay is 350 dollars a week for 35 working hours, lasting a total of ten summer weeks.

After reading the description of the job offer, it is clear that the project is mainly devoted to young graduates and people who haven’t made great experiences yet, considering they would be taught the basics of editorial office management.

Here’s the link to apply on the site.

Grant for people who know sign language

ufficio office freelance and digital nomad

If, besides English, you also know sign language used by deaf people, you can take advantage of the Fulbright – Roberto Wirth grant that allows you to attend the courses on “Child Deafness” within the scope of the Gallaudet’s International Special Student Program (ISSP) at the Gallaudet University in Florida.

The grant is about 20,000 dollars and it covers accommodation and meals plus a lump sum of 1,500 dollars for the round trip from your country to the United States.

The study course is mainly devoted to training people in the field of child deafness and tutoring for blind-deaf children.

Read the whole call for applications 

In Boston for environmental sustainability 

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

Have you ever heard of the Ceres NGO? It’s a non-profit organization located in Boston, which is committed to tackling climate change, promoting water and energy sustainability and supporting the respect for human rights.

There’s quite a number of available summer internships relating to different fields, from economy to marketing; the application is open to different profiles, from engineers to Bachelors of Arts, teachers and computer technicians, for the different internship sessions.

The pay is 13 dollars an hour for a total of 10-15 hours per working week.

Here is the list of all the available internships in for the next sessions.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re in the mood for an educational gap year, you can choose to work in various fields, like art, culture, non-profit and human rights, and contribute to “making America great again”, but this time for real.



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