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Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in New York

There are many vegan restaurants in New York… but these are the top 5 suggested by In My Suitcase’s special guest, the blog magazine New York Weekend Breaks. As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a huge surge in the popularity of veganism over the past couple of years. From A-list celebrities, right through to your …

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I tour guidati più belli da fare a New York

read it in English “Amo New York, anche se non è mia nel modo in cui dovrebbe esserlo, un albero, una strada, una casa, qualcosa che mi appartiene perché io le appartengo”. Così dice Holly Golightly nel capolavoro letterario di Truman Capote, anche se nel capolavoro filmico di Blake Edwards la frase di Audrey Hepburn …

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Cities for artists: a list of places for people who make a living with art

leggi in italiano  What are the cities where life is easier for artists? What places allow artists to unleash their creativity and turn it into a profession? Here’s a list every artist should know and take into account. Saying things like “if you want to find a job, you should go to (fill in the …