Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in New York

There are many vegan restaurants in New York… but these are the top 5 suggested by In My Suitcase’s special guest, the blog magazine New York Weekend Breaks.

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a huge surge in the popularity of veganism over the past couple of years.

From A-list celebrities, right through to your old high school friend on Facebook, it seems like everyone’s giving it a go, and with record numbers of people across the globe ditching their carnivorous ways and embracing a meat-free diet, it’s clear the plant-based lifestyle has never been so popular.

As a result, restaurants featuring meatless menus are springing up in cities all over the world, and not to be outdone is New York. While it might not yet be known as the vegan capital of the world – that title goes to Bristol – New York certainly has its fair share of plant-based eateries (well it is nicknamed the Big Apple after all!)

Here are our favorites, so all you herbivores out there know exactly where to go to get your plant-based fix while you’re in the Empire State.

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Superiority Burger

This quaint little eatery has steadily become the go-to place for anyone after vegan & vegetarian food in the East Village.

Although the restaurant serves some dairy products for the vegetarian customers who haven’t fully committed to the plant-based lifestyle, the menu features a vast array of options for vegans.

If that wasn’t cool enough, the Superiority Burger is also owned by former punk rock drummer and notable chef Brooks Headley, who left his post as executive pastry chef at the famed Del Postro to open his own joint, Superiority Burger. Now that’s commitment we could all use!


ethiopian food
Veggie ethiopian food

Leave your inhibitions at the door when you head to Bunna in Bushwick – at this Ethiopian restaurant guests are encouraged to eat the traditional Habesha way (with your hands).

As well as the exciting, flavour rich menu there are also traditional coffee ceremonies and live Abyssinian music. So not only will you get a nutritious, guilt-free meal but you’ll also experience some East African culture right in the heart of Brooklyn.

Dirt Candy

Since opening her restaurant, owner/head chef Amanda Cohen has been fuelled by a desire to dispel the myth that vegetables are boring, creating dishes that are part food part sculptured art!

After the restaurant was forced to relocate from its original home in the East Village to the Lower East Side in order to placate a growing custom-base, the eatery has increased its capacity three-fold and the menu has received a suitable revamp.

One thing to note is there isn’t an a-la-carte menu, there is a simple choice between two tasting menus ($65/$99 tip included) so make sure you’re hungry when you arrive!


The only Michelin-star restaurant on this list, Nix melds meat-free fare with fine-dining to bring you some of the most scrumptious food in New York.

Nix is the brainchild of plant-based chef John Fraser, who is one of the major pioneers of contemporary meat-free food in the city after introducing his Meatless Mondays concept at Dovetail in 2010.

Things are made simple at Nix with two separate menus: one which includes food containing dairy for the vegetarians, and the other a totally plant-based offering for the vegan diners.


Taim is the Hebrew word for ‘delicious’ and one visit to this place and you’ll see why the name is so befitting.

Taim have revolutionised falafel, combining the chickpea-based meal with a variety of exciting spices and combo salads to offer a new take on the traditional Middle Eastern favourite.

This popular shop has locations all around the city for patrons to enjoy their chickpea based creations so check out their website and get yourself down for some simple but delicious vegetarian fare.

This guest post was written by Anna Mumford at New York Weekend Breaks. More information on NYC’s meat-free eateries can be found in this guide to the best vegetarian restaurants in New York

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