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Breakfast addicted and mid-morning snacks lovers, this is for us!

In Berlin, as all around Germany and generally in all the countries of Central Europe, breakfast is very important and rich, no matter if salty or sweet.
And then brunch, that “thing” that for us Italians is nothing but a middle ground between breakfast and lunch, is for Germans a far more important meal.
In Germany and especially in the dynamic and productive Berlin, brunch is a way to continue working / studying, but with something good to eat and drink, in a place where you feel comfortable.

As many people know, in the last 20 years Berlin has also become an outpost of innovative design and art.

All these cultural and historical aspects make Berlin a city full of very perfect places from an architectural and interior design point of view, ideal for a great travel breakfast and for the brunch of a design places-fan like we are.
Let me suggest you to pay a visit to some of these places.

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Father Carpenter

brunch e colazione berlino
ph. Taylor Kiser, Unsplash

Nestled in a quiet courtyard in the heart of the business area of Berlin, Father Carpenter changes the menu following seasonalities, as the website clearly says.
As the name suggests, in the interiors the wood prevails and you feel like you are in an old – but clean and cozy – carpentry (old doors, frames and windows).

Counters of old spice shops and grandmother’s tables restored, create a sober-chic atmosphere, without falling into the not-longer-bearable shabby chic style (enough with it!)

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Address: Blue yard – Münzstr. 21

Hallesches haus

Helleshes Hous is the mirror of Berliner restoration entrepreneurship; design centered place, few other ones are as instagrammable as this.
I wouldn’t be surprised to know that interiors are periodically changed on the basis of the latest Instagram trends.

And no, this is not a deplorable thing since to do something like this you need a team of people who know what the interior design job is about.

The place, which is also a shop, which is also a bookshop, which is also a congress area, is particularly suitable for travelers, since it is very close to the canal leading to Checkpoint Charlie and the shopping street, Bergmannstrasse.

The menu is local and classic, ranging from sweet to excellent salty.

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Address. Tempelhofer Ufer 1

Dritter Raum 

Dritter Raum, Berlin
Dritter Raum, Berlin

The Dritter Raum is more than a café. It’s a living room for the inhabitants-guests of the Neukölln district, Berlin’s most international and vibrant area.

The interiors, in fact, are just furnished as a typical parlor at the turn of the eighties and nineties, with a lot of creative reuse ideas, such as an old hairdresser helmet turned into a lamp (new classic) and a table made with an old video game.

Unfortunately, also the decorative laminate counter takes us back in time… and the website is a dramatic dive in the nineties.

Another special feature: on Sunday evenings, here it is customary to meet to watch the popular TV show Tatort, the longest police series in the German-speaking countries. If you can speak/understand the language, this is a great local experience.

Buffet food, no starred chefs, everything is very authentic.

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Address: Hertzbergstrasse 14


Cafeteria where they even serve Italian espresso (they really do!) and risto-bar.
Well, on the design level, maybe there’s a little too much stuff to make it pleasant to everyone’s eyes.
Those who admire the whole scenario will, perhaps, see in the marble capitals, next to lacquered wooden shelves, next to East style lamps, next to hi-tech lamps… just a bit of confusion, but those who love to get lost in the details could stay here two hours sipping a coffee and observing everything. Because, taken individually, all the details are really interesting.
In summer, the exteriors with tables surrounded by ivy walls are very pleasant.

Address. Rosenthaler Str. 1

The House of Small Wonders

Come on, tell it with no shame! You have already decided to look for this place because you like the name! Well, the good news is that you will also like it for food and for the interior design, where we count some essential elements to make us say “oh what a beautiful place, it’s so unique and special”: an important spiral staircase with evergreen plants in the stairwell, pallet shelves, much light, many plants, antique objects, wooden walls with strips of different shades (perhaps of different types of wood?).

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Address: Johannisstrasse, 20


In the southern part of the aforementioned Neukölln, there is this very welcoming coffee-shop in which design is not only in the interiors.
Here the design is on the table, because everything is served with the utmost food-design care.

Delight for eyes and palate, from sweet to savory, combined with the much-loved insta-dicothomy of serving masterchef-like food on raw and antique wood tables, floral wallpaper with hi-tech lamps, flowered boho-chic corners used as a backdrop for picassian dishes and Kandinsky-inspired decorative sauces.

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Address: Emser Straße 23

Oh, les amis, I’m too hungry to go on, for today.

(Let me give you the list of meaningless words that I’ve just made up and will love frever: sober-chic, insta-dichotomy, picassian dishes, Kandinsky-inspired decorative sauces).


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