5 things you need to know before a trip to Australia

Australia is a vast country, with so many amazing places to explore and iconic monuments to see.
Your trip to the land down under is sure to be unforgettable and the memories you make along the way will be treasured forever.
However, if you want to make your trip as special as possible, it’s important to do your research. Here are five things you need to know before embarking on your Aussie adventure.

1. The weather is more varied than you might think

Australia is known for its dry climate and scorching temperatures. Many think that the entire country experiences temperate weather all year round, but this is not the case. The weather is incredibly varied, depending on the city you choose to visit.

Cities in Western Australia, such as Perth, typically experience drier summers with warmer weather while southern territories, like Tasmania, experience cooler weather.

Many people don’t realise that you can actually go skiing in the Hobart region of Australia and their resorts are just as amazing as European skiing destinations.

2. You can’t camp anywhere you want

viaggio in camper kevin-schmid-512746-unsplash

Camping is an integral part of the Australian experience, especially if you’re in the outback and fully immersed in nature. This is something that more tourists are starting to realise, as nights spent camping and caravanning in Australia increased by 3.5% in one year, which is a record high.

However, there is a misconception that you can set up camp anywhere in Australia, which isn’t strictly true. There are more than 4000 free and low-cost campsites across Australia which you can stay at, which is much safer and more responsible than setting up a camp wherever you like. So if you’ve been planning an epic Oz camping holiday, take this into consideration before setting off and plan which campsites to go to accordingly.

3. Australia is huge

road trip in Australia_Tasmania_sylvia-yang
Tasmania, Australia

This might seem obvious, but have you really stopped to think about how big the country really is? It’s the world’s largest island, 32 times bigger than the UK, and has more than 7 million km² of land to explore. You should take this into account if you’re planning to visit as many cities as possible during your journey, as it can take hours or even days to get from place to place. Flying from Sydney to Perth can take more than five hours, and it takes almost three days to drive if you’re on a road trip.

4. The exotic animals aren’t all scary

animal australia_wildlife

One thing that puts people off visiting Australia: the critters and creatures. But Australia isn’t just home to giant snakes and crawling spiders waiting to pounce. There are so many other amazing animals to see; cute and fluffy animals are also in abundance.

Embark on an Australian safari, where you might be able to spot a kangaroo in its natural habitat or even an adorable stubby-tailed wombat. You could even get the chance to cuddle or feed an Australian koala bear. Surely that has to make enduring the scarier animals worth it?

5. Travel insurance is a must


While travel insurance isn’t mandatory in Australia, it is strongly recommended, even if you’re already overseas38% of people aged 25-34 travelled without taking out insurance, which is a risky decision to make if the worst should happen. A reciprocal healthcare agreement exists between Australia and countries like the UK, but this only covers you against very basic medical care and should not be considered a substitute for health insurance. Make the right decisions and cover yourself against theft, damage and last minute travel cancellations if you want to enjoy a carefree Australian holiday.

5 things you need to know before a trip to australia
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