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How (and why) should you work with me?

There are infinite ways to start a collaboration full of energy and ideas! Let’s list just a few of them:


Each trip, you know, begins before you leave.
And my followers have the opportunity to follow my preparations and my joy and emotion before my departure, through my Instagram Stories, my tweets and my posts on Facebook and of course the articles in this blog.
The Storytelling continues during the journey / experience, with photos and posts (because I’m a compulsive producer of stories, photos, videos, and moments to tell).

When I come back, I will tell what I have learned and will remain In My Suitcase, regardless of geography of places.
I share my material with those who work with me, and we will also work together to define a narrative strategy (hashtag, most useful social media, target, etc.)

Don’t forget that I can do this in three languages ​​… at the same time 🙂
I write and work regularly in Italian, English and French.

Writing double language SEO articles.

I can insert banners and ads in my blog and tell about products that are n line with ethics and subjects of this blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s create ideas and synergies together. Write me at sabrina.barbante[at]

Download my Media kit 

Un pensiero riguardo “Collaborations

  • Dicembre 6, 2016 in 11:29 pm

    Hello Sabrina,

    I am from The Indian Himalayas, and i am interesting to Put a Guest Product on your Platform for People looking ahead to Trek into the Himalayas.

    I am soon launching some special Tour Packages for Ladakh-India, The Himalayan Province.

    Which will soon become live on my website

    So please let me know, How can we benefit mutually? Would you like to put my Commercial on your website and in turn I give the Leverage to add a Percentage to the cost I have kept, which is very reasonable and ofcourse cheap for Europeans.

    If that works for you. please write me a reply at to discuss further on this.

    Thanks much.


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