5 precious teas for solo travelers

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Here we go, for the very first time I’ll talk you about things you must drink but that are alcol free.

I’ve been gathering over the years some acquaintance with concoctions and infusions, more commonly known as ‘potions’ among us, creatures of the Magic Land.

Many herbs have special properties and are particularly suitable for women who travel frequently and, above all, by themselves; This type of travelers tend to walk more and faster than pair and groups, being lost in the maze of endless speeches with all their personalities, distracted by the songs in the Ipod.
Also, they have no one to remind them that they’ve been in the sun for too long, or to wear a hat because of the humidity etc. Moreover, a solo lady traveler can manage long periods of meditation that goes perfectly along with the infused drinks.

So, let’s go with the green-kit of dried herbs to take along in the next travel.

1 – Mallow

In addition to anti-inflammatory properties that make it particularly useful in cases of mild cough or fever caused by ‘damn air conditioning!’ of trains and hotels, it is particularly suited to prevent constipation.
Here, I know many solo lady travelers are already ordering the mallow in some online store.
Potion: 250 ml of water with 10 grams of dried leaves and flowers.

te pacchetto

2 – Peppermint

Not only incredibly good to drink, the peppermint infusion can be used to cool-down feet after long walks or in a hot day.

Potion: Add 20 grams of peppermint (obetter if oil of pippermint) in a bowl with water and two tablespoons of coarse salt.

3 – Green tea

The green tea bags already used to make a hott drink are a great remedy for swollen eyes due to insomnia, fatigue, allergy.
The infusion itself has a host of antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties, and many other things that make me even forget the fact that it is undrinkable because of the quite disgusting flavor.

4 – Lavender

Perfect for relaxing at end of the day and to sleep, with the usual dose of a spoon (large) in 250 ml of water.


5 –  Lemon balm (melissa)

If the jet lag puts a strain on sleep, add to the lavender blend a bit of linden leaves and / or lemon balm. Then, you have to set your alarm to wake up and alert The Sad Reaper that your time hasn’t come yet, since the sleep of these three plants together and its lenght is quite similar to death.

Any other suggestion?

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