Living in Thailand?Well, let’s talk about it

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We started talking about Thailand, saying:

Forget the affair of the smile.
Everywhere you go, there are good reasons to smile and also not to. 

Hard to believe? Well, in the few days following the article about going to Thailand for tourism, the martial law and a coup d’état followed.
The land of smiles has been, for a long time, a country where political instability has been accompanied by civil unrest and warring factions. (Here some more detail about the present and previous political situation)
By the way, people still live in Thailand. Not only locals but also people who went there to study and work from other countries.

You can find good information about how foreigners live the present situation in the travelglogs.
One ot these, is the one of Nick, who says that, despite the national television is presently inactive, the army has arrested some of the leaders of the reds and other operations of this kind, all the rest is ‘calm’.
It may seem odd, but he’s clearly talking about the possibility for each citizen not involved in the coup and in political affairs to go to work, to take public transports, to withdraw money and presumably to travel abroad. The matter of visas for longer periods at the moment is more complex, as it is for entry visas.
However Nick as a blogger knows (and is afraid) that the control of the internet may become systematic and that for a while he may have troubles accessing the network.
Even more so, when we consider that, presently, the best way  to follow  the evolution of the situation described by many people, including many foreigners,  is through Twitter (in particulr, follow the hashtag #ThaiCoup) and the Richard Barrow’s channel.

Maybe it’s not hte case to show you the list of job and study opportunities for long experiences in Thailand… but you never know.

I also had prepared, always with a big help by Rachele, a list of practical suggestions for visas, medicines, foods etc., but since the situation is constantly changing and evolving, I think I’ll posticipate.

My wish is to be soon able and tha I’ll soon feel like writing about the  ’10 good reasons to live in Thailand for a while’.
My wish is not only for Thailand and Thai People.
But for all travellers. They know that nothing is ever too far.



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