Dublin Festivals in Spring, get ready to leave!

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After reading about the festivals that will take place in Dublin over the next few weeks, I bet you’ll book your flight in 3…2…1…

book now!

People who have known me for some time and like reading my posts, know that I’ve got some certainties or else some core beliefs that support my life, such as:

1 – Without Hermione, Harry Potter would have died long before finding the philosopher’s stone;

2 – A meal without alcohol is just a useless build-up of calories;

3 – Going to Dublin is always a good idea. dublin festivals

Today, I’m going to focus on the last certainty of my existence, because it’s spring and as usual in this period I miss Dublin a lot; another reason is that a huge number of people only think of Dublin when Saint Patrick’s Day is approaching, which is a pity considering that basically every day is Saint Pat’s in Dublin.

Therefore, today I’ll make you travel to this open-air mayhem where people always feel at home, by listing the nicest and most interesting festivals that will take place over the next weeks.

These festivals are held both in the open-air or indoor, all around the city from O’Connell street to the suburbs, that’s why the best thing to do would be joining in while going shopping in the low-cost city markets and having a pint on the terrace of Gravity Bar or at the legendary Temple Bar.

So, have you got your organizer at hand, along with a pen and your debit card to book your flights? Well, here are the festivals held in Dublin this (and every) spring.


Dublin Dance Festival, may 2-20 dublin festivals

Do you love going to the theatre? Do you love dancing? Do you believe that only a few things can be more dramatic than dancing? The Dublin Dance Festival is the right place to be!

This festival lasts almost 20 days and is among the most wide-ranging in the world in terms of “dancing”. It doesn’t only offer dancing performances, but it also complements them with exhibitions, practice sessions and workshops, approach to dancing and much more.

Even people who are not into dancing but love art in general and like being introduced to knew things, will develop an addiction to this festival.

dublin festival - dance festival

International literature festival, May 19 – 27 dublin festivals

Readers, writers, translators, books or comics illustrators or whoever is even remotely interested in one of these things, should strongly consider the idea of taking part in this international literature festival!

It’s not one of the many (useless) book fairs. On the contrary, it has nothing to do with them. It’s a real festival, where people talk about literature and how the publishing market can be useful to literature and its players. You probably won’t believe it but publishers are really there to hear what professionals in this field have got to say.

Note: If you’d like to have an interesting human and work experience, reply to the call for volunteers! 

Convergence – May 26-June 9

gadget per il tuo brand come farli

The conversations about civic resilience held all over Ireland from May 26 to June 9 will be the lifeblood of green, environmentally friendly and zero impact travellers and citizens. dublin festivals

The meetings focus on the most diverse topics and they will of course include time for poetry, music and organic products tasting.

Bloomsday festival, June 11-16

dublin festivals bloomsday festival 2018

bloomsday festival

Ireland and Irish literature enthusiasts don’t need me to provide an explanation of what is Bloomsday, who is Bloom and what kind of festival this is.

For all others, Leopold Bloom is the main character of one of the most interesting and revolutionary works of fiction of all times, namely the novel Ulysses by my beloved James Joyce. The Bloomsday is the day when the whole story takes place as well as the day on which every year enthusiasts and even nerdy people “do things” (reading, music, events, even breakfast in costume) to remember this genuine national day.dublin festivals

What was once only a cheerful day for literature nerds has now turned into one of the most important and richest festivals in Dublin.

Forbidden fruit festival, June 2-4

A one-of-a-kind and very cool festival that combines music, speech, art, fashion, food and good vibes, that takes place at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Moreover, the event home page includes useful info about the festival accessibility. Therefore, we can rightfully add it to the map of accessible festival in Europe, because it provides services for motor disabilities and wheelchair ramps close to the different stages.

Pride, June 21-30 

dublin festivals - pride

ph. cory woodward

Why having just a one-day parade, when you can organize a whole week of debates, music events, lectures and information sessions about LGBT rights and the intellectual and cultural world that revolves around this topic?

You can’t help it, people in Dublin think like that: if you can do more and better, you do it, stop!

For more information about the different events that will be organized before the great and colourful Pride parade in Dublin, follow the event page of the site.

Side note, not that much on the side though: from mid April to the beginning of June the weather in the Irish capital is particularly pleasant, even for those who don’t agree with my ideas about the lovely Dublin rain. dublin festivals




  • Veronica

    I Festival sarebbero un incentivo in più per visitare una città che da tempo medito di visitare, soprattutto perchè cadono in una stagione che si presta molto ai viaggi. In particolare mi attira il festival dedicato alla danza!

  • Sabina

    Anzitutto condivido in pieno le tue convinzioni 2 e 3.
    Adoro Dublino e i Dubliners. Sono stata a Dublino più volte e anche per un bel po’ di tempo, ma mai a San Patrizio, ma come dici tu a Dublino è sempre festa, città allegra e gioiosa in ogni memento dell’anno.
    Vado a dare un occhio ai voli…..

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