4 – Things maybe you don’t know about Costa Rica

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Costarica is, inEurope, one of the less known countries of the wolrd. Few people know it’s not in South America, for istance.

Even less people are aware that it’s one of the countries in the world in the forefront for human rights.

Let’s see some other curiosity about this country. images

1 – It is a state whose constitution prohibits the army. They don’t have it. Moreover, in Costa Rica is located in the headquarters of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the University for Peace of the United Nations.


2 – Wild and free coasts!

The beaches are all free! There is no possibility of getting a concessions for building any kind of facility at less than 150 meters from the shore. beach costarica

3 – The Ticos are incredibly linked to the nature and vegetation (a daily relationship similar to that of northern Europe). Here, the most popular activity is the canopy tour: flying from tree to tree in the forest.


4 – If you think Italians are latecomers, you should know that in Costa Rica it is considered almost socially awkward to get to an appointment less than half an hour late. So that when a group of friends is meeting at the restaurant, those who arrive first starts eating, and the other associate to the banquet as long as they arrive.

Read here more infos to study if you are planning to visit Costa Rica.

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