Why a Cloudy May is the secret ingredient

Ok, let’s talk clearly. I’m feeling like writing this morning. But as I woke up, the only certainty of the day was that it’s a very cloudy May in this bottom of south.
While my thoughts were joining this little side of almost Marquezian South to a very UK-like weather consideration, I decided to use a title generator with the keyword ‘Cloudy May’ and this is the title that came out.

Am I the person who renounces writing just because the title I was given is meaningless? Certainly not (as you’ll see by the title of my next romance, coming soon). So, here follow the reasons why a cloudy May is the secret ingredient. For happyness, I guess.

– First, beaches are almost empty on saturday morning. The sun, when it comes out but for a few minutes, is hot. Well… warm. You’ll get little tanned and won’t get burnt. Because, here in South, the typical May attitude is thinking that until an avalanche of tourists won’t be filling our seaside, the sun can’t be too dangerous. Big, big mistake.

– If you don’t live here, you can at least pretend that Summer won’t start before your vacation, and maybe for one year you will not see on facebook the amazing caribbean pics posted by those who’re having a little pause of one hour to the seaside (this consideration can’t be done by my facebook contacts, though)

– Keep this article in mind when, next November, someone will try to tell that the main manifestation of climate changes is the warm weather of Puglia and Sicily, where people still have a bath during the week end. You’ll know it’s just our legally accepted amount of summer days that must be paid as amend of our destiny of ‘poor south people’.

– The picture you see above, is one of the amazing local horizons portrayed by Milena A. Carone. You can see and read many more landscapes of Salento (and much MUCH more) in her ‘Sedici – Sixteen’She gave me (and she’ll give you as well) another reason why a Claudy spring is a ‘secret ingredient’.

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