When you must ‘give up’ your travel: alternatives to suicide

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It happens. I’ve been repeating it to myself for days and days.

It happens to all the travelers to book a flight on the spur of the moment, just because you can’t wait leaving again (and because it was too cheap to give it up) and then not to be able to take that damn flight. It happens you have to put it in that a black hole of flights / trains not taken in life (uh, metaphors like rain, on Monday morning!)

You may be forced to give up a flight for various reasons: money, payments and sudden expenses, work, family problems, health problems. These contingencies may occur one by one or all together depending on how many explanations you owe your kama.

The danger is to fall into the abyss of remorse and sub-thoughts as:
– It’s really happening to me … I sold a my freedom to pay for a house;
– It’s really happening to me … I gave up live;
Or, the more likely: It’s really happening to me, I grew up and I have to deal with the adult world.

There are some remedies, the result of personal experimentation, to avoid falling into the abyss of the back-negative thoughts. Here we go with some of them:

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1 – Go out and buy a book:
Memories borrowed by other people lives and personal life passages, taught me that:

‘Travel as soon as you can.
When you can’t travel, read a book’.

I went to the bookstore and bought two copies of the last book of my favorite writer (Loredana De Vitis), one for me and one to give as a present. And a book of my second favorite writer, Amélie Nothomb.


2 – Go out and buy… shoes

Paraphrasing my theft of other people’s memories: as soon as you can, put on comforable shoes and travel. When you can’t travel, uncomfortable shoes are ok if new and damnly beautiful’.

You can’t cross the Winter without a new pair of shoes and lots of mascara (autocit).



3 – Look for an hotel for the next trip
Stop thinking about the past. And even to the present. Think about the next travel, (in my case, Sofia) and make your hotel reservation. If you go with a friend, call and ask when are you drinking the next glass of wine to talk about the future.

Please, any other suggestions?


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