Do you need font sites for any kind of personal or corporate graphic products? If you are a blogger, a web content creator, a graphic designer… sure you do! Here is a list of my top 10 font sites.

When it comes to graphic designing, always remember that fonts matter so font sites matter as well!
See the picture below to get what I mean! 😉

Every time I help bloggers to create their blog and, more than this, to make it grow, every time I create media kits for bloggers (or when I teach bloggers to create one), when I talk about the importance of a unique business card… in all these cases I always say that, before thinking about the best pictures to add, the most surprising shapes to choose, the most sophisticated graphic and theme to opt for… Fonts are the first thing to think about.

Unfortunately many people neglect this aspect, thus making their first “meta-communication mistake”.

A font is like your voice tone, is the mood and personality you want to give to your graphic message and consequently a font source is what you need.
For a blog or a web magazine and also for a e-commerce, font is the difference between something that will be read and something that won’t.

It can even determine the bounce rate of your website.

So, when you start your graphic and/or digital project, don’t be satisfied with the default fonts you’ll find on your Apps or hosting provider. Choose the one that best represent you, your mood, the mood of your project on one of the many font sites on the Internet.

I’ll give you a list of 10 font sites where you can find thousand fonts, with the option of several interesting fonts for free.

1. 1001 fonts

This first option is among the most popular online font resources.
You can easily select the ideal kind of font you need among the categories and see all the possibile options for each of them. As you choose a font you particularly like, you can make the download without any log-in or registration needed.
But beware! You can’t use all the fonts available as you like: there are symbols that indicate whether you can use it also for commercial use or not. If a font is not available for commercial use, than you must buy it or select another one.

2. Font Bundles

font sites_jeroen-den-otter_unsplash
Ph. Jeroen den Otter_unsplash

Font Bundles is a great alternative to 1001 Fonts .
In this very complete website you can find your ideal font and get thousands interesting ideas for your kickass graphic project.
The system gives you many project options at very competitive costs and packages with bundles to be used for complete graphic projects.

This website is a true resource for those who work with graphic but aren’t professional graphic designers; So, I say this online resource is crucial for web content creators! There is no blogger, instagrammer, copywriter that hasn’t to deal with new graphic projects every single day.

3. My Fonts

In this online resource you can find the most popular fonts and also be updated with brand new releases.

This tool is particularly suitable for companies working in the printed editorial production such as magazines, catalogues, graphic books, advertisement graphic campaigns etc.

4. Canva

font websites_charisse-kenion
ph. Charisse Kenion

Don’t forget that this tool, much used by instagrammers and social media copy writers is useful also to create kickass graphics without being a graphic designer.
Canva offers an interesting variety of fonts and you can also import new ones by other sources, such as the previously mentioned Design Bundles.
I gave you some graphic tips to put in practice using Canva and Design Bundles in this post.
I use and recommend using Canvas when it comes to creating a good media kit and an effective CV.

With Canva you can even make your own business card (after you create your logo using the tool at point 9) and / or funny wishes cards.

5. Google Fonts

Also Google can give us many fonts, thanks to Google Fonts. This online tool is useful to add new fonts to your blog or website and it’s quite easy to use: you just have to look at all the specimen listed and add it to your option list. Then you’ll see a html code to copy and paste in your website and that’s it.

In this case, mind the legibility! Don’t let yourself be seduced by new stylish fonts without analyzing the actual legibility of a long text, on all kind of devices.

6. Instagram font generator

ph. ben kolde. unsplash

If you want to make you instagram profile and feed unique (good choice if you work/want to work on Instagram), you must start by your bio.

Maybe you still don’t know that you can use a different font than the default one on Instagram.
Instagram font generator can help you to use many different fonts to create a graphically peculiar bio, that will be easily remembered by new followers.

7. DaFont

DaFont can be particularly useful for non professionals and newbies.
In fact, before selecting among the dozens available fonts, you can choose the “mood” of your graphic (love, fantasy, horror etc.) and see all the possibile suitable solutions for it.

8. Font Spring

Font Spring is recommended for professional graphic and web designers. Here you can: buy fonts for you clients and projects, find the name of a font by a high resolution graphic and also license your own font.

9. Tailor Brands

casa di un freelance_Tappeto_consigli_toa-heftiba-616931-unsplash
ph. Toa Heftiba, unsplash

If you aim at creating a great logo for your new digital project, you can be very happy with what you can get by Tailor Brands; with this website you can easily create a logo that reflects you and your project and “isolate” the font used to use it again for your online consistency.
I’ll make you an example: I have my own logo that is made up by 2 fonts.
I found the name of these fonts and I use them also for my Instagram graphic.
You can make it easily using this website.

10. Font Finder

How many times you have seen an interesting font on a picture, on a graphic or wherever and you need to know what’s the name of that font?
Well, there is a solution for you! Font Finder is a website where you can upload an image (in a good resolution) and get in a few seconds what’s the name of the font you see in it.

I hope this list is useful for you!

This post contains sponsored links.
This said, I only add to my contents links and information that can be truly useful for my readers.

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