The Snake River (US) will save you

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Among my inspirational woman travellers there is one who has been kind and caring since the very first time she had the occasion to show it to me. It was 2005.
The reasons why she’s been travelling for ever can’t be summed up in one of my written trivialities, so I’ll just mention her last coming soon occasion: an oversea high school reunion.
The high school reunion and rafting over the Snake River are two evidence of her courage and self irony. (that’s my personal image of her).
I’ve read that, for Snake River rafting, the best place to land is at the airport of Boise, Idaho’s capital. Another solution is to get to Boise from Lewiston or Spokane, for a 4-day adventure in May or June (in general, the best period is from May to October). This is the proposal of Hells Canyon Raft, rafting specialists in Idaho.
But now, let’s go to my second concern…
I’ve always been scared about High School Reunions and I’m worried for her. How can the Kimberly Class of ‘84 meeting have an impact on her strong psyche? And how can she eventually save herself?

Read the short love&travel novel NYC - HURRICANE
Read the short love&travel novel NYC – HURRICANE

#worry1 – She is Italian, and she’ll have to talk about Italian political events of the last decades and probably explain them.
Way out 1: … no way out.
She must devote at least 20 min to the subject. BUT, since she’s Italian, she can do it with style.
Black cocktail dress and heel 5, jewelery with pastel colors (monochromatic). If you’re asked to talk about Italy, you need a suitable suit. Then, since she’s italian she likes eating but she’s never fat, she probably likes drinking but she won’t be drunk; despite of the last 25 years of national history, she’ll be deeply envied and appreciated.

#worry 2 – Let’s all pray there won’t be a Italy – US soccer match in those days. Nor Italy-Brazil. A frustrating sense of lonelyness might arise.
Way out 2: told ya, just pray!

#worry 3 – Huge amounts of questions about her Child and husband. Or worse,  Child and husband will make thousand questions about people she’ll hardly remember the name (if I was in her shoes, I’d have some memory problem) . And the impossibility to talk about ‘things not to be talked about’ with the eventually found friends would make it all more difficult.
Way out 3: People in the US are not surrounded by portraits of Madonnas with child, so they generally don’t feel guilty to go to an evening party for adults only, without children.
And there she’ll have it. It’s easier to be sincere in telling your last 30 years story without children around.

#worry 4 – Sudden necessity to remember how fast 30 years have flown away.
Way out 4: when the feeling occurs, the answer is to stare at the Snake River (setting of the reunion party).
Consider how fast it flows, crossing Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, picking up everything it finds in these countries, bringing all into the Ocean (…the Pacific).
Feeling that life is like the Snake River, is the true and only way out. 

One of the routes followed by Affection, is  encouraging people to do things of questionable utility. So, I thank Paola, and her way of encouraging me to write.

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