Teaching English in Italy: everything you have to know and what to do!

What you need to do and to know if you dream of living in Italy (forever or for a while) teaching English.

Do you dream of living some months in Italy, working in this country?
Are you planning to come and enjoy this great real “socialist utopia” as an insider and see what it means to enjoy great wine and never get drunk, eat good food and hardly be fat, learn about the passeggiata philosophy and make the centro storico your home too?

Now I’ll give you some clue about how to do that, using your English fluency skills, in a detailed blog post written in collaboration with The Tefl academy, the world’s leading TEFL Course provider, true experts in this topic.

1 – Be sure you have the right competence/licences to teach English abroad

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Italy is a hugely popular destination not just among wanna-be English teachers or for those who already teach the language and want to live here for a while. Italy is a dream destination for digital nomads, design and fashion scholars, people interested in food and catering services.
This also means that the competition is fierce, there are a lot of teachers who want to come here and teach English. It is essential, therefore, to have a degree and a 120-hour TEFL certificate.

Private schools, mainly in some specific areas (keep on reading to learn what areas) tend to be very welcoming with foreigners with a high English language proficiency (regardless of the origin country); 9 times out of 10 they don’t care whether you can already speak Italian or not. They just need teachers with an English proficiency level and a good certification.

You can see here all the requirements to teach English in Italy, as specified by The Tefl Academy, and you can also download for free a detailed guide about what you need to do and to know when it comes to teaching English around the world. This guide will show you all you need to know before starting your travel and life adventure in many different countries and continents.

2 – Join Facebook groups

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If you go on Facebook and enter the keywords “Teach English in Italy” in the search bar, you’ll see how many groups are there, where you can get more information by other teachers.

Some of these groups are communities connected to English private schools and academies spread around the country: they can be particularly useful also in order to find and choose the location and regional area where you would like to teach and/or check where there are open positions available.

Last but not least, in these groups you can easily find homes and accommodations to share with colleagues for the first months/weeks.

Talking about your accommodation in Italy, I also suggested coliving in this post about living as a Digital Nomad in Italy.

3 – Choose less popular destinations

As said before, there’s a huge competition since Italy is a very popular country and the local experience is highly sought after.
I know many of you might be attracted by the idea of living for a while in Tuscany or in Venice. Many young people might be willing to stay in Milan to get in touch with other professional environments related to the Fashion or Design industry but… Italy is much more than this.

So, why don’t you try to get in touch with a language school in Puglia or Basilicata, Calabria or Marche and Umbria?
In these areas, the landscape, the food, the quality of life are great, the slow pace of life will help you enjoy any new experiences at best.

Give a chance to the Southern Mediterranean lifestyle, where you can choose areas with amazing coastlines leaning over crystal-clear water or hill and green areas not so far away from the sea (but less crowded).

Once here in Italy, it will be definitely easier for you to find contacts and opportunities also in other cities, even the most popular ones.
Eventually, the cheaper cost of living in the South will make it easier to save some and travel as much as possible throughout Italy and Europe.

Do you dream of teaching English in Italy or would you rather choose another country? Say it in comments.

teaching english in Italy_everything you have to know
teaching english in Italy_everything you have to know


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