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viaggio da sola a Sofia
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5 things to know before going to Sofia, Bulgaria

Leggi in Italiano  The Bulgarian capital is not one of the main tourist destinations selected by the average weekend traveller of Western Europe, let alone the international wanderers. People choose to go to Sofia, Bulgaria partly because flights are particularly cheap at certain periods and partly because, at some point, you realize you’ve visited all …

delta locale sofia musica live
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Night life in Sofia, Bulgaria: where to find music, live events and drinks?

Leggi in Italiano  My readers are my boss, there’s not much I can do about it. And the last comments on the Sofia posts are quite clear: you’d like me to give you some tips on where to spend the evening or the night. No problem, just give me an assignment and I’ll carry it out. …

viaggio da sola a sofia
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Worth seeing and doing in the area around Sofia

Read it in Italian I’m very happy when my readers write to me in search for more information and details before leaving to Sofia (even thanks to the incredibly low cost offers from Europe that make it easier to go visit this extremely peculiar city). See my Sofia in 30 seconds The most frequently asked question is, …

che cosa fare e vedere nei dintorni di sofia -

Che cosa vedere e fare nei dintorni di Sofia

Cose interessanti da vedere nei dintorni di Sofia, tra terme, paesini e itinerari bellissimi Sono ormai mesi che cercando in rete “Cosa da fare e cose da vedere a Sofia” e frasi simili, questo blog è primo primissimo primissimissimo sui motori di ricerca e dire che sono felice è scontato. Ancora più felice sono per …