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3 wineries to taste a good Port wine in Oporto

Leggi in Italiano  April, 27th 2015 One of the main aspects of Porto experience is drinking Porto wine. This wine has become famous thanks to widespread use and import made in England in conflict imes; in my opinion it reaches its maximum expression when served on the riverside (Douro) in the Ribeira district, a UNESCO heritage …


For your summer in South Italy, choose Puglia and her ink paths!

Leggi in Italiano  June, 15th 2015 Today, several italian brave libreries will show in their shelves the small volume Inchiostro di Puglia ( Ink of Puglia), a collection of very short novels set in 34 different places of this region, beautiful and complex as a stiletto heel. This is a kind of literary guide made up …

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5 reasons why a solo travel will make you forget a heartbreak

Leggi in Italiano You’ve been told that ‘you can’t run away from yourself’. They are wrong! They’ll tell you that ‘You can’t leave your problems home and go away’. Go away, and then you’ll see. A recent heartbreak or one of those stories that keep you glued to facebook notifications, are one of the biggest threats …