How to write comments that can benefit (and bring traffic to) your blog?

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Les amies, let’s talk about pure strategy! No, it’s not true, not only at least.

Some time ago, I wrote a post about the importance (along with the beauty and fun) of commenting other blogs, (only in Italian for now, sorry) not just to show your appreciation and satisfy the author or simply to broaden your general knowledge (I really learn a lot from blogs) but also to bring authority and traffic to your blog. 

Since the post is presently in Italian only, let me at least sum up why commenting is important:

  • it contributes to the growth of your page authority and domain authority;
  • it helps you bring traffic to your blog;
  • it helps with a better position on Google;
  • it helps you make a “reputation” among other bloggers.

Does this apply to all comments though?

Well, unfortunately (or luckily) not.

Comments are not all the same and not all of them are useful, they can actually be harmful sometimes.

Now, after years of experience with the keyboard, I can show you how to make your comments to other blogs really useful for your blog.

1 – Length: when less IS definitely NOT more

Writing things like Ok, well done.
Nice post.
Good, well said

…is not useful, neither to you nor to the blog you’re commenting on.

It’s actually better not to comment at all, for different reasons.

First of all because Google detects as spam all comments shorter than 8 words and a blogger can feel irritated by the idea that you comment without even reading a single paragraph of what he/she wrote. You would be bothered too, wouldn’t you?

2 – Be on the ball

find new clients as a freelance -

If you own a blog and still don’t have an anti-spam or anti-tracker software, you’ll most probably know how many fake comments are posted every day on your blog through the automatic systems set up by companies from all over the world to bring traffic to their sites.

For this reason, regardless of what you write about (be it starvation, fashion or organ trafficking), you’ll get comments such as:

“this is a great post, keep on writing, the Internet really needs something like this”

I’m talking about general comments, often shorter than the example above and off topic, through which companies selling any kind of “things” try to drive traffic to their sites/blogs.

Please, don’t do like them. Do it for you own sake. Don’t act like that Indian company that produces electronic cigars and tries to enter the European market by writing platitudes under your articles (a true story). Make sure your messages don’t end up in spam folders along the network.

Comments must be focused, give your opinion about the topic, ask the author a question.

Be aware that that you can learn something new while you read, then comment accordingly.

3 – Try to write a comment of at least 7 lines.

I know it seems I’m asking too much now, but it’s something good for your blog too.

Before writing, don’t think of it as a comment but as a “guest post” or “guest comment” where you give your opinion about the topic.

In this way, not only search engines will consider it as a small guest post, that is an article hosted on another blog, but it will also help you to…

4 – …stand out from the crowd,

providing the chance for a higher visibility and giving you a reputation among colleagues all over the world.

There are bloggers I consider celebrities by now, with a name and a face, and to me they are influencers.

Well, the path to become a micro influencer starts or passes by here too.

speed date - personal branding

5 – Try to comment on mutual terms

It’s certainly better to comment on blogs where at least there’s a chance to have the author return the favour and comment on one of your posts sooner or later. To make this chance come true, you can:

  • choose to comment on blogs that deal with the same topic as yours;
  • comment on recent posts;
  • create contacts that go beyond the blog (on social networks, for instance);
  • subscribe to groups with blogger who help each other and are interested in other’s blog posts.

So come on, increase your page authority by commenting on this post… sticking to the rules above. In return, I promise I will leave a comment on your blog!

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  • Zaid

    i will tray thise thips for commenting

  • Ludo

    I think this is one of the best blogs for me because this is really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this valuable information for free

  • Amber Marie

    I really appreciate the advice you give here. It’s frustrating to put so much work in to a post only to get super generic comments. It always feels great when you can tell that a person really read you article and enjoyed it.

  • CJ Moses

    I think commenting should be about the engagement and not just the traffic and so forth. It should definitely be thoughtful. People are so quick to post and run that they forget about being human for a moment. These are some great tips that I will utilize in the near future.

  • Nathan Reid

    Commenting on other blog will really help the blog to get more traffic. Thanks for sharing this information!

  • Idora

    In the Blogger’s Commandments, I feel like there should be one that states:

    Thou shalt not leave mediocre comments.

    You hit the nail on the head with this one, blogging is a lot of give and take and a lot of your points are so vital to the blogging experience. Thank you for sharing this!



  • Via Bella

    These are great pieces of advice. It’s one reason I love our group so much.

  • Alison Rost

    Commenting on other blogs doesn’t just increase your engagement, it helps you build relationships as well. It’s such a good reminder for all of us that when we’re commenting on other blogs we should be considerate enough to read more than one line from their post and to comment on it accordingly.

  • Kylie

    Oh I didn’t know comments can play such a huge role in bringing in traffic. Great insight for the blogging community!

  • Raffaele - One More Trip

    Hi Sabrina,
    I was reading about this yesterday night and today, moving forward some blog’s comment, I find this. For sure commenting bring some new (and in target) traffic to your site, but I would advice to double check PA and DA of the site. We don’t want to comment on a site who can be penalized from Google (we risk to be penalized as well).
    I’m going to add this blog in my favorites’s list. Take care and good luck with your blog!

    • Sabrina - In My Suitcase

      Hi Raffaele, thank you for your tips and insights 🙂
      You are right, but I generally tend to comment much on blogs that I find interesting, no matter what’s their PA and DA. Also because, if I comment on the blog of a bit influencer, I’ll hardly get a reply or a comment from her 🙂 On the other hand, it’s nice to help and supporto each others when it comes to someone with your same or even lower PA and DA.

  • Ali Rost

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said. Those bloggers who take the time to leave a thoughtful comment on my posts, I always remember them and return the favor. It really does make them stand out amongst the rest. Sadly, I also notice when a blogger has hired a VA and that person doesn’t have the same eye for quality that they do. In my opinion, it hurts their brand. So now I have a policy that if there is a comment written to be written on my behalf, it will always come from me. x

  • J. English

    Thanks for sharing these tips… something to keep in mind as i read a lot of blogs these days. 7 lines seems like a lot though? But it makes sense, people who bother to read would likely be inclined to visit your site afterwards.

    If i may add, never paste a URL in the comment text. They get caught by the spam filters anyway and they kind of look spammy.


    With so many blogs online I find it hard to discover mutual ones but I can agree that writing comments that stand out, bring you the best traffic. The 7 line comment sounds like a great idea.

  • Steven Shakeshaft

    This is where we get a bit meta… commenting on a blog about commenting on blogs! It’s really interesting to get others ideas about what you’ve written. I enjoy reading what people think about my words but I do sometimes wish that I would get more critique to help guide me in the future.
    It’s great that commenting on each others blogs helps with SEO stuff but surely we should be trying to help each other improve our content too?

    • Sabrina - In My Suitcase

      Well yes, you’re right. By the way I always tend to see the best of what some other people write because in blogs that I’ve learned to be a blogger (and in my experience, fr sure).
      I think facebook gives so much room to “experts” about anything to tell others what’s the best way to do things, when it comes to blogs I prefer just to learn than giving my tips. But for instance, a blog comment can “add” infos about what’s written in the post. I.e in these comments I see so much great insight that I didn’t consider before

  • jhilmil

    I so much agree with your points, mostly people comment just for the sake f doing it rather than understanding that how much a great comment can affect their blog. Amazing insights for blogging community.

  • Pooja Shama

    Quite helpful and perfect for me! I have been trying to find out to how to generate more traffic and this would help

  • Amalia

    I really agree with your tips! Apart from the fact the a really and general comment looks like spam it will also attract other kinds of spam, I have suffer from this in the beginning… So yes, welcome to comments from people that actually read the post it’s great!

  • Vasundhra

    When I started blogging, I was surprised at the number of spam comments I was getting. Comments are such a great way of improving a website’s value and these tips are so useful for any blogger.

  • Roby H.

    Totally agree. Comments should bring value to the conversation. If you’re not participating in an open discussion, you’re kind of wasting everyone’s time. It’s all about creating a dialogue in the community.

  • Ann Snook

    This is such an informative post! I just recently started driving traffic to my blog by exchanging comments with other bloggers and your tips are really helpful to me.

  • Sarah

    Good tips! I am setting aside time a few hours a week to comment on other blogs and to connect with other bloggers. I think it is important to develop a reputation within the blogging community. Thanks for writing!

  • Ridima

    7 lines is really for a lot but having said that your reason is even better to adapt to that. Maybe next time 😛

  • Chelsea Elizabeth

    This is fantastic advice not only for new bloggers but also experienced bloggers. I love nothing more than scouring the blogs I love and leaving them a comment. I’ve discovered some fantastic blogs that way and have made so many new blogging friends, which is great as it’s nice to chat with people who share a mutual interest. Thanks for such a helpful post!

  • Laurence

    Great post and I like how detailed you explain the importance of comments. And yeah, sometimes 7 lines are kinda too much, but it will really help 🙂

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