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How to make a funny travel… with an Itinerary Bingo

Are you an “itinerary traveller”?

Do you make an itinerary whenever you travel?

Do you like old and stylish (and funny) games?

Itineraries make traveling easy, as well as helping you achieve more goals. And while using a list is all well and good, why not up the ante a bit by making yours using the vintage game of bingo to add a bit of spontaneity to proceedings?

travel itinerary

I know it might seem odd, but I was recently introduced to this funny way to “play” with your travel itinerary and I would like to tell you something more about it.

Bingo is one of the most flexible games out there as it can be modified depending on the situation or scenario. It has simple mechanics and easy-to-understand methods, which is why it can fit many different themes.

Have you ever heard of a bingo game called Eatwell bingo?

healthy travel bingo
It was a successful initiative launched by the government in the UK in order to try and combat obesity, and make children eat healthier food. It has a similar format to traditional bingo, with the only difference that bingo callers discuss nutrition and health while presenting “food pictures,” which replace the usual bingo numbers.

Apart from Eatwell, bingo has also evolved into other types of social titles, and one of the newest is the super popular chat bingo.
Chat bingo is a pre-bingo game where players answer questions thrown out by the caller so that they can win extra prizes. It’s a sort of warm up exercise before the real gaming gets underway and adds a new dynamic to the popular game.


What’s Itinerary Bingo? 

Bingo can be modified using other means, proof of which is itinerary bingo, which makes traveling more fun and exciting because it adds a unpredictable component to traveling.

To play itinerary bingo, you need to print off a blank card first. You can source a template from Print Bingo. Then, fill in the empty spaces with the places you want to visit – be specific as possible.

Once you’ve visited a place that’s written on your card, mark it with a pen.

Every time you form a winning bingo pattern (vertical, horizontal, box), treat yourself to something nice. After all, traveling to some far out places is an achievement that not everyone accomplishes in life. Take pictures for memories, too!

You can make the game more interesting if you’re traveling with a group.

travel group

At some point in your travels, you can split up and compete against each other to see who can visit the most places in a given day. Make sure that there are prizes for the winner so that it makes the game more competitive.

This particular game can also be useful and funny when you travel with your kids, so that you can walk and visit for a longer time without boring them and… tiring them enough so that they’ll seep at night!

Have you aver tried Itinerary Bingo? Can you suggest any other funny game to play while traveling? Write in comments!

27 commenti su “How to make a funny travel… with an Itinerary Bingo

  1. Never heard of this or tried itinerary bingo but it sounds like a lot of fun. Great way to add the element of fun into any trip. Will keep it in mind for the next time I am going away 🙂

  2. Never tried it but sounds really fun and cool. Not a big fan of itinerary as well as I normally ditch it along the travels. Lol. Nevertheless, Itinerary Bingo looks worth to try on my next travels. 🙂

  3. I’ve never heard of Itinerary Bingo game before, what a cool way to make your travel more creative, enjoyable and memorable! I’d love to play it with my friends! Pinned it 🙂

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun especially if you’re doing it with friends or family! I’m sure a lot of travelers would love to try this app. It’s going to make traveling a lot more exciting!

  5. This is fantastic! As an avid photography lover, I’m just in love with this idea! I may have to do this with my husband on our anniversary and make it a competition. Awesome idea!!

  6. This so such a fun and clever idea! I just came back from a trip – my friends and I could have made a day of it. We will definitely try this the next time we get together (we are a very competitive group lol!)

  7. I have never tried Itinerary Bingo before but it sounds a fun game to play. I usually just going through my email and social media or listening to music from Spotify when I travel. It’s hard to find a game app that I will play it for quite a while -I usually get bored of most game apps-

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