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Writing regularly for your travel blog is an amazing activity (for many reasons, some of them are listed here) and, despite the dark sides of this job, I’d recommend all travellers able and willing to write to create their own travel blog.  For those who already do it, here we go with some tricks and tools that I’ve been using in the last weeks that really worked and increased my traccif by 30%. 

One of the most interesting things of blogging is that you never stop learning and, overnight, you might practice small tricks you learn from other blogs that make you increase (in some cases even double) your daily views.
This happened to my blog in the past six months and even more in the last two weeks, and I’m so happy and excited that I really want to share some little tricks (or rather, careful practices) and tools that I recently put in place and that I completely ignored before.

Premise 1: what I’m going to tell you about are time consuming good habits and activities, so it is appropriate to try only if you enjoy them and find them interesting (personally, I do love them and now I usually practice them while I’m not working and even before going to sleep).

Premise 2: obviously in this post I already give for granted some basic practices and tools such as a good SEO plugin and a good ability to set it in your blog together with good quality contents, which are the two sine qua non for good growth of views.

So, no, this is not a post suitable for beginners.
If you are, I suggest you to read this post about How to start your own blog and then come back :-).

Ready? Go!

Work station on Instagram

Work station on Instagram

#1 – Join facebook groups for travel bloggers (and be active) 

There are several fb groups for travel bloggers. I joined:
Girls Vs Globe: coordinated by Sabina Trojanova, very smart author of, here you can write and ask for advices on the activity of travel blogging and periodically join ‘games’ to promote your blogs by commenting other bloggers’ posts and making yours be reciprocated.
But be careful: posting your own articles out of the dedicated threads is not allowed, otherwise the group would become a storage of self promotional spamming that would make everything less interesting.

Travel Blog Mega Share: while Girls vs Globe is also a funny place for ‘girl travellers chats’ where you can periodically share and post your contents and social media profiles, TravelBlog Mega Share was created just to share posts and read and comment on those of others. So, less personal interaction and more practical activity.
Every day a ‘mega share’ starts: the coordinator of the group says the rules, namely:
post your article or Facebook/twitter/instagram account or instagram photos etc. Comment and/or follow the 10 above your numbered post.”
This implies you have to  read 10 articles from other blogs and comment them and have yours commented.
You have no idea of the virtuous cycle triggered.


Travel blog Italiani: Similar to Travel Blog megashare but only for Italian tbs and a little less active and more self promotional of the first two. Rules are less strict or there are no rules at all (well, that’s Italy babe!)

Obviously, joining a group is not enough at all, you must also follow the ‘rules of the game’ for each proposed activity and be active.
And so let’s get to the point…
….#1.2 – read, comment and share all the interesting things written by others. It is not just a matter of generosity but of studying contents that may be interesting amd useful for you.

#recipe for a #working day: have a #tea, #cookies, a #smile And dream about #london

Una foto pubblicata da sabrina (@in_my_suitcase) in data:


#2 – Do not underestimate StumbleUpon

Yes, I must confess it: until two weeks ago I didn’t even remembered my account user and password!
Then, thanks to a Mega Share of the above mentioned facebook group, I read an interesting article on what social networks are more useful to increase your good quality traffic, involving potential readers who are actually interested in your topics.

StumpleUpon was a revelation and a revolution!
After you register, you must set your interests. Then you start stumbling (click the central stumble orange icon) and youl’ll be proposed by the system articles that can be interesting for you. Then you can share contents (those of your blog 😉 ) that other people will visualize.
For each post you share, it is important to choose your keywords and add them in the decription.
At first this will be only one way to read good quality contents but within two weeks, however, I noticed that among my blog referrals, StumbleUpon was risng very quickly. In 15 days it rose from place 140 to twelfth, and now it’s  at the second place after Google and before Facebook! (Obviously this tool works better for articles written in English)


Where’s your next #trip and what do you suggest me? (#travelbloggers are invited to post me some article, thx) 😉 Una foto pubblicata da sabrina (@in_my_suitcase) in data:


#3 – Create a Paperli magazine

Creating a magazine? I have no time!!
This is the point: with you don’t need time.
After you sign in and decide a subject, this platform generates for you and in your name, a magazine  (daily or weekly or whatever you like) with contents related to the topic you have chosen, caught by twitter hastagged and shared posts.
I have 2 of them,  ‘The Freelance Life Daily‘ and the ‘The travelblogger Daily’ and every day the system automatically looks for interesting tweets that refer to blog – freelancer – travel blogging areas that are shared, mentioned and twitted.

Presentazione standard1
The magazine is made up by just one page showing the previews of the articles – mentioning the authors – which will open in the original website.

The magazine will auto-twit on your twitter account mentioning the @authors (they won’t be pissed off when they see you used their contents, because you are just promoting also their blogs and posts and increasing theit traffic).

This system helps in:

  1. Finding interesting contents to read and to share
  2.  Increasing twitter followers and reputation
  3. Creating your ‘web reputation’ as a promoter of interesting contents (the ones that are interesting for you)
  4. Increasing views to your blog (you can edit your ‘Editor’s note’, ie, your biography, your site, your photo and a plug in with your twitter profile.

The way a #travelblogger Works

Una foto pubblicata da sabrina (@in_my_suitcase) in data:

Have you got other proposals and ideas? How do you increase your traffic?
If you need some more details about one or more points of this post feel free to write in comments and put a link to your blog (as a matter of fact, I LOVE reading other blogs :-))


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