How to find new clients with a company blog

How can we find new clients with a company blog? Let me give you some useful tips to better use a blog for business purposes even if you don’t have a e-commerce.

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I recently wrote a post on how to increase sales with a blog, especially if you have an e-commerce. Today I’ll take a step further and reveal to those who only have a physical store, without an e-commerce, how you can find new customers and make new sales thanks to a blog.

These tips can be useful also for
– those who don’t sell goods that can be sold online
– for freelancers who have their own blog-portfolio and are looking for new customers through online content. (Also read how to create a kickass website for your personal branding).

In the latter case, that is, if you are a freelancer and you want to promote your services with all possible means, read and save my post on the rules of personal branding too.

But let’s go back to the topic of the day: let’s start with a question that many people ask:

Is it really possible to find new clients with a company blog… especially if you don’t have an e-commerce?

find new clients with a company blog

Even if blogs reach a potentially huge audience scattered audience throughout the national territory of the language in which it is written, there are small tricks that combine web writing with proximity marketing. In short, with a blog that speaks throughout Italy you can also bring new customers to your store which is located in a village in the Val Venosta.

If it seems like a paradox, follow these tips until the end and you will realize that after all it is not so strange.

Let’s see how to find new clients with a blog and then potentially offer your product to new buyers.

1 – Create an editorial plan geared towards bringing people to your store

As a matter of fact, in order for your company blog to attract readers, it must have specific features such as:
– be useful and not just tell about your products,
– constantly updated and with quality content,
– written to be easily found on the web.

What’s the meaning of creating an editorial plan aimed at bringing people to your store?
It means, in a nutshell, that you must list a series of topics and, therefore, titles, which answer the questions that our possible buyers / customers ask in a given period, on the issues of our sector.

Example: if you have a clothing store in Boston, write guide articles on where to shop in Boston, adding other stores that are not your competitors to the list.
If you sell vintage skirts, in the list enter your store and then your favorite shoe store, a jewelry store near your shop etc.
If you can index this article on Google with a post well written SEO-wise, tourists who walks in Boston and looks for “shopping in Boston” on Google, will come across your advices.

2 – Enter discount coupons in all articles, for blog readers

If this article on shopping in your city has a discount code inside it or indicates a gift to be collected in your store, this can be a great way to bring people to your store and, therefore, have new customers.

come creare un ottimo mediakit del tuo blog

3 – Sharing on social media and tag-strategy

No need to tell that, once the article is written, you will have to share it on social networks by tagging the shops you mentioned, increasing the reach of the article immediately.
Some of the tagged stores will share the article on other channels giving your content more visibility and more readers, therefore also helping Google’s algorithm to index you first.

4 – If you are a small store, focus on your expertise

On the one hand, small stores have a big disadvantage compared to the giants of the market, but on the other hand they have two great advantages (rarely fully exploited):

  1. a direct link with the territory, and the consequent awareness of the needs and problems of its fellow citizens;
  2. a more in-depth competence in the sector (because in general a small shopkeeper manages orders, inventory, choice of goods etc.).

These two strengths are to be underlined through the blog, with an editorial plan oriented to tell your skills and, at the same time, to respond to the needs of people who live in the city where the store is located.

Roma_Shopping_Viaggio di un giorno
ph. artem beliaikin, unsplash

5 – Study the purchase intents of your readers from Google Analytics

Studying your Google Analytics is essential to create an editorial plan capable of responding to the potential (and real) reader of your online magazine.
If you have not already done so, immediately register for free the company blog / site you manage in Google Analytics and start studying the progress of the posts you wrote and, above all, the origin of your traffic.
Last but not least, shed some light on your readers’ online behavior.

Obviously at the basis of all this there must be a knowledge of the basic SEO writing rules and there must be a study of the keywords that are most suitable for your product area.
If you want to learn more on how to write in order to be found on the web, to increase sales or if you need a professional blogger to do it for you … contact me 😉 -> sabrina.barbante[at]

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