Let’s keep on talking about Love&travels.
There are so many ways this two very good ideas of mankind can be put together, but for a matter of space, time and competences I’ll just focus on 3 points:
1 travelling separated
2 travelling togther
3 meeting in travel.

donna in viaggio1 – when travels keep you apart, the relationship must be mature and childish at the same time. Sometimes lovers travel separatedly because of work, sometimes for clinical reason (like those who need at least a couple of lonely travels in one year to keep mental health). In this case this distances can give more advantages than problems:
a) [finally interesting] things to talk about and to share after coming back
b) jalousy (no, it’s not a negative thing at all. And that’s it)
c) a [truly] good reason to come back – something that makes a travel complete, and so in this case it’s Love who saves a travel.

immagine_oggetto_editoriale_720x6002 – Someone says that true love, the mature one that can survive the difficulty of an absolutely love-unfriendly daily life,  is based on quotidianity, the little issues that make you true partner. I agree with it. Boredom is the place where true and lasting loves must feed. BUT, every now and then, a travel made together is a way to understand how your ways of living new issues has changed.
I might be wrong but I have a theory: if 2 years ago you faced a mouse in the hotel-room/a new food/a dinner with a sandwich sitting on the  quay/the travel-money-running-out in the same way and now in a different way, something will soon change [has already changed] in your daily love and life too.
For parents with children: I suppose travelling with kids is amazing. BUT a week end with a baby sitter or with friends is not an hypothetical  trouma for them, it may be a way to teach there is a sacred space, the one of the ‘couple’, that they don’t have the right to violate.
Sense of guilt has worse consequences than egoistic happyness for kids.

Read the short love&travel novel NYC - HURRICANE
Read the short love&travel novel NYC – HURRICANE

3 – Meeting a persona on the road can be very romantic. Someone says: be careful! In travel we are different than in daily life.
It’s true, but I’m not sure the ‘real us’ is the one you see at home, sourrounded by the overwhelming expectations of others.
The true challange, if you decide to take each other in your mutual daily life, is to protect the identity of the person you’ve met in the free-land where you first saw hime/her.

love travel

The word difficult is not enought to describe the entity of this challange.  In daily life, when you don’t follow trains and lively-horizons but only dead-lines, no tickets but only bills, well, in those days only LOVE can save your travel together.

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  1. Great post! I agree with you that traveling separately can be a good thing, it allows the individual a chance to experience quality alone time and also makes you appreciate your partner upon being reunited. Traveling together is a great test for a couple, especially early in a relationship. You get to see how the well the other “travels” and gives them an opportunity test compatibility in a new environment.

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