How to travel like a queen, despite of your bohemian pocket

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Let’s say it clear: the most of us are queens! Smart and regal more than Kate and Grace, deserving first class flights, luxury hotels, first quality food. But for some stupid matter of chance and irrisible circumstances our wallet and bank account is not as hight as our noble attitude.

But complaining about money is something that only the poor-in-spirit do, so let’s see together some small tricks to travel like a queen, despite your bohemian money availability.


Trivago and are but a couple of most famous on line agencies offering discounts and special offers to go in special luxury hotels. But to find some really cheap and offers (up to 70% off) have a look at secret escapes: if you log/sign in you’ll have access to (very) special offers in extra luxury hotels. This is due to the fact that hotel can’t actually afford having too many empty rooms, but in some period of the year they must fill them without lowering too much the ‘official’ and public prizes, in order not to make the market price levels lower too much. So trough this web system they can make secret special offers and you can travel in four/five stars hotel for the price of a London hostel.

Much better than S.E., I suggest you to sign up Voyage Privé: you can aven be offered a 50 or 100 euros discount for the first reservations!


beautiful amsterdam

A good trip and a good destination is not necessarily ‘a top national destination’. UK is not just London as France is not just Paris. Choose out of track destinations, where you can enjoy something different and nice with cheaper prices. Here is a small list of non-top destinations where I was amazed by the beauty of places… in amazing, poshy but cheap hotels:
Novi Sad, Serbia,
Colle Val d’Elsa, Tuscany,
Ceska Trebova, Czech Republic,
Lavertezzo, Svitzerland.



Ask this as a Xmas/birthday/unbirthday present. With a luxury spa gift box or hotel smart box you can go to any destination listed, whenever and with whoever you want, affording a luxury hotel thank to the gift by your beloved.



That’s something very cool! Have you ever heard about home restaurants? They are but homes periodocally run as restaurants by the owners; they organize dinners just for a few on line booking people. The prices are very low but the quality can be even better than other common restaurants and when booking you can even tell what you’d prefer to eat and what you rather not find in the menu.
Look up at customers’ reviews, and look for the best places to go.
My top 3 suggestions are:
Cookening – eat with a local, Social Dining network, and EatWith.


car share

Have you ever dreamt about a car coming to pick you up wherever you are and taking you wherever you need to go, even for a long distance? Well, Bla-bla-car system is less dreamy than a dream, but the practical effects are almost the same: you make an appointment with someone through an App, you share the fuel with those who are going to your same destinations.

It’s easy to have special prices, your own chef and chaffeur! Just like a queen.



  • Eugenia

    I would add that we are all queens and deserve the first class so why we should refuse travels if we have enough money 😉 Love your amazing tricks, I usually book tickets on Booking. com, but would like to try another options such as Trivago and smart box! Pinned your post for later!

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