Healthy food you can eat on the road

Leggi in italiano
Let’s keep on talking about food.
My article about travel and street food was appreciated but, let’s be sincere, it didn’t deal with the most healty food on earth.

But travel food and travel eating is not necessarily fat&fried.
Let’s see together some tasty things you can find on the road, that won’t imply the impossibility to walk for a couple of  hours or sudden disorders of your coronaries.

Barcelona Las Ramblas Market 061 – Open air markets, especially during summer and spring, often can offer a big variety of fresh season fruits, cut, shaked or even iced.  You can see an example of it in Barcellona. The Boqueria food market on the Rambla (nº 91). It’s a must see not only if hungry. It’s a carousel of colours, local people, tourists, students.
Beware! You’ll be distracted by a lot of other non healthy but delicious foods :-O (who am I to tell you to resist?)
If you choose for fruits, mind the season: Season fruits = less pesticides = less allergies and more healthy.




13034_1317571662188_3964310_n2 – Ice-cream (South France and Italy are the top).
Italy is a country where, during summer, it is very hard to find bad ice-creams. They are much cheaper than otherwhere and often made with fresh season fruits. Some tips by my personal experience:
Bologna, via San Mamolo, ‘La creme de la creme’,
Grosseto, via Piave, Chiccheria (gluten free)
Colle Val d’Elsa (SI), via A. Diaz, Barone,
Lecce, Via Trinchese, Fior di Gelato (gluten free).



edamame3 – Edamame, China and Japan. 
Nothing can be healthier than immature soybeans in the pod, boiled or steamed, then salted. You can find it also in Taiwan, China, Japan, Indonesia and Hawaii.





46590_1603523570807_7146252_n4 – Bread and raw sardines in Holland.
Well, I’m a veg, you know. But sometimes even non veg can find very healthy foods. In Scheveningen I’ve bumped into (I’m quite sure it’s something you can find all over Holland) small vans selling local bread stuffed with raw just-fished sardines. My travel mates told me the flavour was quite strong, as usual with raw fish. But they liked it.




The place where I ate more healthy food, as far as I remember, was Budapest. I could find very tasty soups in every restaurants, very satisfying, simple, ie, healthy.
in the cover picture, you can see the Greek tomato bread. Very tasty and simple, ie, healthy.
simple is healthy.

Any other suggestions?


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