Do it like a local: Roberta and her dreamy, slow and charming Zagreb.

 roberta zagreb do it like a localRoberta is a new in the travel blogging world: she’s been blogging for few weeks now. But she’s not new in travel writing, since she made a lot of practice with several websites and magazines.

She eventually made up her mind to run her own blog about her amazing travel experiences. She’s 21 and she has a passion for dancing, friends… life! 

Today she’ll tell us something about her Zagreb (WOWOW, I’ve never been there), an amazing and magic place with a soft pace of life. 
Let’s cheer her up, her blog My adventurous miles is very nice!






What are the main city related rites of people in Zagreb (that you also like following)?

Croatian people are known for sitting in café’s on a nice sunny day. Or any day to be honest hahah. But the most people you will see drinking and enjoying their time is on a sunny day.

We drink and talk for HOURS and you can’t rush us or we get annoyed. We also go for drinks (coffee or any drink) before or after college and sometimes both. The most famous places for doing that are Tkalčićeva street and Flower square.

Please, tell me about a  place where you love to eat from time to time and what do you like eating in particular?

I rarely eat in restaurants but I do love grabbing a chicken salad over at Good Food. (street name: nikola tesla 7).  It’s not a restaurant but a food store where you can also sit and eat. It’s really small though, so most people take it for outside. They have salads, burgers and sandwiches. Salads can be vegetarian and non-vegeterian plus they have an option to make one for yourself! (You tell them the ingridiens)


Where you like to have shopping/spare & leisure time and why?

We have shops all around main square (Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića) but I like to go to a mall because everything is at one place. We have a lot of them but the most popular ones are Arena Center, Avenue Mall and Westgate. They are filled with all famous brand shops, cafes, restaurants, fast food and movie theathers. I never go just to shop. I always end up eating something or drinking. Don’t judge me haha, I need a break from shopping, don’t you? 😀

Could you tell me the name – and address is possible – of a place where they serve good wine / beer / cocktails made to art or a typical alcohol drind where you like to go and that is very popular among locals?

Zagreb is full with night clubs and bars. In almost every bar you have everything listed here! For a good wine the best is to go in any restaurant or wine bar. The most famous places for drinking beer are

  1. Pivnica Mali Medo (beerhouse Little Bear) located in famous Tkalčićeva street (Ivana Tkalčića 36),
  2. Pivnica Zlatni medo (Golden Bear, address: Savska cesta 56) and
  3. Pivnica Medvedgrad (adress: Ilica 49).

If you are on a budget but like to drink before going clubbing you must visit Žirafa (Giraffe, street: Gundulićeva 11). Famous night clubs in Zagreb are Vip Club, Opera Club, Johann Franck, Pepermint and Green Gold.

They are all located around the main square except for Green Gold. Green Gold is not just a club but you can also eat there (address: Radnička cesta 52).

medved pogled

Could you short list me the most ‘touristic’ things to see? Do you like them?
Could you tell me if there is, in your opinion, something that is overrated by tourists?

Things you have to see in Zagreb are Upper town (st. Mark’s Church, The Cathedral, the Stone Gate), park Zrinjevac, Medvedgrad (old town on mountain Medvednica) and Christmas Market in December. I used to go to a high school located in the Upper town and I was really happy I could spend my time there because it’s really nice, full of old buildings. If you ever decide to come here I recommend coming during December just because of the Christmas Market. In 2015 it was awarded as the best one in Europe! 😀

Do you know any ‘mysterious’ place populated by legends and strange stories?

The most famous legend in Zagreb is the one about evil queen. She is known as The Black queen because she was always wearing black. She was really mean and no one liked her. She was located in Medvedgrad, old town at Medvednica mountain. You have to visit it because from this place you have the most beautiful view of whole Zagreb!


Stop, stop… the Black Queen’s story must be told! I’ve searched on the internet and found a very interesting story of a very interesting woman! 

Black Queen once ruled the Medvedgrad castle; she was a foreigner and gained power over many Croatian towns aside, she was intriguing, daring, bold and a deceitful politician. Her black dress comes after her widowhood. And most interesting of all, she practiced alchemy. You may imagine how such a character could trigger the popular attention in those days, and so a lot of folk tales started adorning her supernatural and mysterious identity.

She was told to make a deal with the davil to save her castle from the Turkish attack. When the war was over and the castle safe, she tried to trick the devil who cursed her and legends say she’s still there as a black cat or a snake. 
In my personal immagination, she was a strong woman! I already love her! 

Let’s go back to the interview! 

Are there any things that you think is worth visiting that is not part of the common tourist routes?
(not only monuments, but also parks, libraries, small peripheral areas etc …)

Definitely Sljeme. Highest mountain peak of mountain Medvednica. It has awesome walking trails for recreation. The woods is beautiful and you have a couple of restaurant there where you can ask local people to tell you more about the evil queen J

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