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Digital Nomad Families: Top Ways to Provide For Your Traveling Family

How is the digital nomad families lifestyle like? Is it something truly possible? Let’s analyze it and give some answer and tips. The digital nomad lifestyle is one that has always been appealing to many people. The idea of sand being your desk chair and your lap is your desk is a work environment that …

mercatini di Bordeaux, brocante saint michel
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Best markets in Bordeaux: where are the loveliest

Flea, food and wine Markets in Bordeaux for unique shopping, but also to observe (and photograph, if you like) the local society and discover its most interesting aspects. Leggi in Italiano As I already wrote in the post on pop-rock curiosities and the mysteries of Bordeaux, this important French city hosts beautiful antique and modern …

sabrina sitting on a sofa reading newspaper with cup of tea
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How to take good photos at home, without being a pro photographer.

Take good photos at home, to enrich your Instagram gallery, for your blog, to call/rent an apartment or to enhance interiors. leggi in italiano How to take pictures at home and/or how to portray interiors? As all m Instagram followers know, I like interior and home life visual storytelling (over than travel storytelling) but, like …

best time to visiting vilnius
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Best time to visit Vilnius, Lithuania

When is the best time to visit Vilnius, Lithuania? That’s a quite good question, considering how local weather can be, in some months, a little scary. Let’s clear all doubts. Several airlines, including low cost ones, have recently increased the routes to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, thus tantalizing the curiosity of many travelers who are …