7 things I LOVE (and you’ll love too) about travel blogging

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I’ve been blogging for soooo many years!
Today I woke up and remembered that the first sabrinabarbante.it was created 12 years ago. Then it became a blog and it was so automatic for me to write about my travels (since actually 12 years ago I started travelling much and solo).

I kept on blogging about my books and novels and still did even in the period 2007-2010, when ‘experts’ wrote and said that the blog era was over.

But I still blogged, like so many others, just because I liked and felt like it.

But that’s just a short version of my blogging history, before it became a job (kind of).

Now I wonder why did I do that also when I didn’t think about working as a blogger. What the hell motivated me?

I think that travel blogging is one of the most interesting things that I’ve ever done in my life. And now I’ll tell you why it’s such an amazing activity.


1 – It’s not just a matter of travelling! 

Life is half lived, if you can’t make a story out of it.

You know, not all travellers are bloggers (out of this room where I work, the world is full of people who travel much more than me and don’t write about it at all…).
When you are used to write about your travels, you live it in a different way: you start ‘telling’ your trip to yourself and to see everything in a different way.

When you walk down the streets of another country or city you don’t just concentrate on the street and on what you see but also on what your hear and feel, the caffees you drink, the things you eat because you know every single stone can (and will) become a post and a new story.

2 – Recollection in Tranquillity 

Your trip is never over until you have something to write about it. 

When you’re home (or in any strange and unconventional station that you write and work from) you start thinking about a tea store that you’ve visited somewhere. Then you start making a mind-trip in all the most beautiful and unconventional tea stores that you’ve bumped into in the last 10 years. That’s like travelling those places again.
It’s more ore less what Worthsworth called ‘recollection in tranquillity’, but for William this tranquillity meant a boat along a silent lake. For us, travel bloggers, it can be a crowded station, a busy airplane, a park full of people, a coffee shop…

FullSizeRender (4)

3 – Studying and learning is something I love, maybe that’s why I’ve finished quite soon my studies. At least, the formal ones. Then I started a long, very long path of unconventional studies about all the things I did, travelblogging more than all the rest.

You don’t just study and learn about destinations, but also about all the stuff concerning web traffic, plug ins, Seo issues, photography tools, smartphones Apps, video editing and so on… You’ll never stop studying and this can be sometimes very time consuming. But I really like it and this leads me to learn not only from books but also from other bloggers and Travelbloggers.

And here we go with another AMAZING thing that I like of travelblogging, i.e.:

4 – Reading other travelblogs

This is one of things I really really like! Reading a good travel blog makes you inspired, willing to travel and to write again and again. For me, reading good travel blogs is like a fuel for motivation.
The thing I like the most of travel blogging work is that the old mechanisms of ‘concurrence’ are surpassed by the social-sharing attitude.
In the bloggers’ world (and I think in the creative frellancing industry in general) the more your ‘competitors’ go ahead and have success, the more opportunities you have to increase your business too.

Blogging (and creative freelancing) is the field that really went over the old failing capitalism.

My present Fab 5 Travel bloggers list is made up by
Fringe in Travel, GirlVsGlobe, TeacakeTravelsheartmybackpack, JustOneWayTicket

Suggest you to read them all! Well, yes, they’re all women. I’ll write soon about the reasons why I prefer female travel bloggers.


5 – Commenting on other blog posts is another very funny and interesting thing.
You have the opportunity to share ideas with people you trust. The best Tbs will always reply and give other ideas and suggestions. It’s not like fb commenting… I don’t know why but it feels different. I’ll make a methaphor.

Commenting on fb or twitter is like talking in a public caffee or square. Commenting and discussing on a blog is like talking in a private home, sitting on the sofa sipping tea or a good wine offered by your host..

6 – Publishing my pics


Editing and sharing my pics is so funny! It makes me feel like a model, a photographer, a photo editor. Playing and pretending to be what I’m not (a model, a photographer,  a photo editor) is one of the ways vanity makes your life better.

Vanity is the art of acting the part that you want to play in your life. One of the safest way to happyness.

7 – Read my old posts and reconsider other aspects of travelling

Nostalgia is in my opinion one of the best feelings in life. At least, is the one I better know, it has always been my constant companion. Reading an old post makes you remember the place you’ve visited, the people you were with, the person you was at that time. And then you suddenly remember something of that old destination you didn’t write about yet. A wine you’ve tasted, a cake you’ve eaten, a person you’ve met. And you start writing about it and that’s like travelling back there again. And you start planning to go there in a while, so that you can have other thing to feel nostalgia for.

Writing your life is a therapy: there’s a written track that shows you all the things you haven’t considered (and lived) yet.

All the ‘quotations’ are mine… Just felt inspired today 🙂

What do you like about blogging and travel blogging?


17 thoughts on “7 things I LOVE (and you’ll love too) about travel blogging

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  • Marzo 27, 2016 in 4:23 am

    Everything is true! I’m starting a travel blog too I hope I’m doing it right.

  • Dicembre 20, 2015 in 8:30 pm

    Great post – I couldn’t find my blogging voice until I got pregnant, but one thing I knew was that I wasn’t going to stop travelling. I’ve learned so much over the past few years, it’s been wonderful and infuriating, but I’d never turn the clock back. #gvglinkup

    • Dicembre 21, 2015 in 8:13 am

      Thank you! I had a look and read your blog and I’ve always wonder if traveling with kids will still be possible. I often also think about the social and psychological implications of traveling solo at least once a year, leaving my babies home with the dad. I think I’ll keep on reading your blog and that your tips and experiences will be very useful very soon! 😉

  • Dicembre 19, 2015 in 11:01 am

    I love this post and totally agree! Recollection in tranquility is such a beautiful phrase, I might need to borrow that 😀 I love being able to sit down and really appreciate all the new impressions!

    • Dicembre 19, 2015 in 4:04 pm

      Sure! Recollection in tranquillity is one of the first things that I’ve learned at school from English Literature and I’m so grateful to William Wordsworth for that! All travelers MUST borrow this habit, it creates spirals of creativity!

  • Dicembre 17, 2015 in 9:48 pm

    Love this post! As a new travel blogger myself, it’s inspiring to see someone who loves the process and is still sticking with it so many years later! Thanks for posting 🙂

  • Dicembre 17, 2015 in 3:45 pm

    These are some really excellent posts. I’ve recently been trying to get more into the storytelling side of travel and it is just so fun. It really does take you back and whisk you (and hopefully others) away! What a great post to read from you. Now I’ve got a new bunch of inspiration!

  • Dicembre 17, 2015 in 6:45 am

    Found your post through the Girl vs Globe linkup, and I can’t believe I hadn’t found your site yet! Love this post, all points are so true! 🙂 Let’s keep exploring!

    • Dicembre 17, 2015 in 7:59 am

      Hi Linda! Thank you so much and yes, linkup #1 was amazing to find other very interesting posts and blogs. I’ve just read you aricle about Vilnius, where I haven’t been yet. Amazing article! Let’s stay in touch!

  • Dicembre 17, 2015 in 4:31 am

    I totally agree that blogging has changed the way I travel. It’s so amazing to share my passion in a way that can inspire others, and when blogging/photography/writing is done well, it can really like a spark among your audience. When I first started blogging it was just about discussing what I did and throwing up all my pictures but now that I’ve been doing it for a few years I’m much better at it – but still learning!

  • Dicembre 16, 2015 in 2:59 pm

    Great post and I agree. Blogging has changed the way I travel and look at adventures. I love having the memories of the trip to look back at. Hopefully others get inspired to adventure too!


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