5 best WordPress plugins for blog custom fonts

What’s the best way to get blog custom fonts? Font Plugins is the answer! Let me tell you the 5 best WordPress plugins for blog custom fonts.

As I always say, what matters the most on a blog together with contents is the blogger’s personality and the chance to feel comfortable while reading. The content and a good and strategic SEO approach is what leads readers to your content, but the possibility to read it easily from all devices (60% of your readers come from mobile) is what makes them stay until the end. Eventually your personality is what makes them read more and come back to look for you and your contents.

Today, we will talk about an aspect that makes your readers stay and eventually come back, i.e. fonts. They are a crucial aspect for readability, for the general graphic asset, i.e. also for the personality and the general atmosphere you want to give to your “online home”.

Here is a list of the best 5 WordPress font plugins to choose among dozens of fonts and get the ones that suit most to your blog project.

Fontsy, for bloggers with a strong personality

CHoose the right font

Fontsy.com is a great opportunity for bloggers with a strong personality and a very creative attitude.

Fontsy is a great all in one WordPress font plugin that allows you to import your own web fonts or choose from the very varied free web font plugin library.

No coding or complicated actions are required: this plugin gives much satisfaction also to newbies, since it helps you creating a great blog look with no efforts.

I’ve tried it and I’ve found it so easy to use and, most important, I’ve found so much inspiration on a graphic point of view!

Easy Google Fonts

font sites_jeroen-den-otter_unsplash
Ph. Jeroen den Otter_unsplash

As my readers already know, Google can give us many fonts that we can download and upload them in our backend. Once you choose your favorite specimen, you’ll see a html code to copy and paste in your website and that’s it, you can start using the chosen fonts. 

The Easy Google Fonts plugin is a simple and easy way to add custom google fonts to any WordPress theme. This plugin integrates with the WordPress Customizer so you can preview google fonts on your site in realtime.

Use Any Fonts

Use Any Fonts is another very easy to use option, allowing you to use any custom font you want without having to use html and code.
The main and maybe only real difference than other font embed plugins is that with Use Any Font, as the name suggests, you can use any custom fonts from any server and website, as long as you can get its font format (ttf, otf, woff).

Projo custom fonts

Projo custom fonts has the great advantage to propose an incredible number of font options, giving you so many creative insights that are perfectly suitable and harmoniously adaptable to so many templates and it also indicates you which font is more harmonious on a graphic and semiotic point of view with your selected Theme.

The only thing is… you can only use this plugin if your blog has a Projo template, particularly suited for commercial sites and blogs that want to integrate a good e-commerce.

Zeno Font Resizer

This last option that I suggest you download, is not exactly a font plugin but a very useful resource for any kind of font you use: Zeno Font Resizer allows you to give the visitors of your site the option to change the font size of your text.

This is very important if you consider again what I’ve said as a premise: more than half of your readers comes from devices that are not a desktop or laptop and, as even laptops have all different sizes and readers different eyes, adjusting your text and font sizes is crucial to make readers feel comfortable.

Last tips for you. I always say, as a professional blogger: before asking yourself which font to use for your blog, ask yourself which font is the one you prefer while reading other blogs, and why.

blog custom fonts - 5 best WordPress plugins for blog custom fonts

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