Ladies and Gentleman, I was nominated for Liebster Award!
This is a funny game among bloggers, made to make people discover new interesting contents.
Bloggers nominate bloggers. Funny ha?

I was nominated by Roberta, very young blogger, author of

Now I’ll answer her small interview and at the bottom of this post I’ll list my nominations and questions for the bloggers I like. (after my questions for the bloggers I nominate, there are also the indications about what you are supposed to do next 🙂 )

My Adventurous Miles Thank you so much!

First of all I suggest you to read her blog! If that’s not enough, stay tuned becasue in a few days she’ll be my guest in the one of the next DO IT LIKE A LOCAL POSTS!



  1. Why did you start your blog?

Well, I hardly know! 🙂 10 years ago I just wanted to share my experiences. Then I started to publish my novels and wrote posts abou them. In time, the most of experiences I made were travels and living abroad and so… became and In My Suitcase!

2. How many countries have you visited? 23.

3. Where are you from? Tell me more about your country/city.

I’m from Lecce, south Italy, the very end of the heel of the boot! 🙂
This area is amazing, everyone who comes loves it. Because of the seaside and olive trees, because (and despite of) the quite slow pace of life but also because of a very modern young attitude to come back here and build new opportunities. This place is growing… younger! You have to come and see it.


4. What is your dream job?

My job, for sure. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t do it. Presently I dream to be a multi languages blogger and writer and thats’s what I do 😉

5. What’s your favourite clothing brand?

Gasp! I’m not that much into brands actually… I have to save money to travel and to pay my mortage. Well, yes, I’m a digital nomad and I bought a home, here I tell you how (and why) I did it. 

6. What do you like to do in your spare time?

It depends on what you mean for spare time… I’d tell you I like blogging, but that’s partly my job too, so I don’t know if that counts as spare time 🙂
I like reading very much, walking, going and having a rest to the beach (well, yes, when I’m in Lecce I can do that)

7. Do you have any pets?

No, I don’t. Once a black cat tried to adopt me. But a cat can’t take care of another cat, and he gave up.

8. Tell me about your favourite vacation?

The best one is always the one that still has to come :-). But as most of my readers know, I’m particularly fond with Ireland and Dublin (my open air asylum) and Australia.

9. Do you have a bucket list? If yes, how many things have you done from it?

I wish I had, but I’m so lazy! I’m not saying that I’m too lazy to make the things listed, but to make the list!

10. Name 3 things you can’t live without?

My suitcase,
My frizzy long hair
My notebook

11. What’s your favourite TV show?

I like travel documentaries and history shows. I know, so boring, but I like easy ways to learn things (tald ya, I’m a very lazy girl!)

Here are my nominations: Read them all! THEY ALL ROCK!!!


1 – Roberta and her Adventurous miles

2 – Silvia and her heartmybackpack

3 – Alice and her teacaketravels

4 – Shannon and her soleseeking

5 – Kathrin and her ambitious bee 

6 – Claire and her Curious claire travels 

7 – Cameron and Natasha and their the world pursuit

8 – Vanessa and her turnipseedtravel

9 – Cate and her hula land

10 – Maria and her maria abroad

11 – Laura and Nick and their savored journeys

*After you receive your nomination you must link back to the blogger who nominated you – me –  answer my questions, nominate other bloggers and create a new list of questions.

And here are the things I’m curious about you:


1 – what do you find more difficult in travel blogging? What’s the dark side of it?

2 – what would you suggest to people who are afraid to travel alone?

3 – what kind of travel makes you happier? (budget and free, planned and cozy, food trip, photo itineraries…)

4 – what App can’t you do without while travelling?

5 – have you ever travelled without smartphone or internet (this is up to how young you are, but I’m interested for one of my next articles)

6 – have you ever visited south Italy?

7 – tell me 3 words that come up to your mind as you think about Italy

8 – which wine do you love more?

9 – what likes and attracts you most in other blogs?

10 – Suggest me a place to go, knowing I like travelling solo, like good beer and wine, I’m a veg

11 – have you ever experienced a very good veg food? what and where?

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